Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Fooled ya sisters! I bet you thought I was going to put some wild thing up here about St. Patrick's Day but instead I have a couple of little Easter surprises. Emma, Lucy and I did a little crafting this past weekend and we made a couple of blocks with the girls' first initials on them for their bedrooms. I also sewed them a cute fabric egg. But I forgot to take pictures so sorry. You don't get to see those. Perhaps I will make Byron and Ayden's and remember to photograph them this weekend for you.

I stitched these a while back and turned them into little Easter pillows. Just a fast and easy little project.

I also stitched this cute dish towel with a bunny who just seems to scream Easter and spring.

Hope you are all crafting happily! I just want to be home doing this stuff full time.

What are you up to girls?

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Bazaar

We are hosting our very first holiday bazaar. Below is a sampling of some of the things that will be there. So come one and all. Bring a friend if you are around on this day.

The Bizarre Sisters Holiday Sale

December 12, 2009 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Please join us at:

4545 Briars Street
Eugene, OR

-Beltline West to River Road/Santa Clara
-Right on River Road - Right on Spring Creek Dr.
-Left on Spring Meadow Ave.
-Right on Calumet Ave. - Right on Briars

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I have been working off and on since June to finish sewing this sling or bag for Kristi. Her birthday was in June and for some reason I just could not get this finished. It is a Heather Bailey pattern and fabric which I just adore. Because the fabric is kind of spendy I didn't want to mess it up so I really took my time and only worked on this when I was not tired. Me + tired eyes = much ripping out of seams.

But ta da! It is finally complete and ready to go. Sis, I bet your thought it was not going to happen didn't you?

So now to find a box on Monday to put this in and............

this shutter, one of four. I have several of these that were in our house and asked Kristi to paint one while we were together on our sisters vacation in August. Of course, look what she came up with for our Christmas bazaar in November.

Crafty girl she is so now off go three more. I might have to buy these all back from her at the bazaar. And Dave thought he was going to get rid of these. Ha!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun Name Shingle Sign Tutorial

I traveled to Twin Falls this last weekend to visit a very dear friend and kindred spirit. We decided to craft together and this is what we came up with:

We took cedar roofing shingles, did a little crafting madness, and made signs of our last names. We also took tin stars and covered them in coordinating scrapbooking paper. We thought it would be fun to hang the signs in a collage of pictures of our family.
I didn't think to take pictures of the process but here is a quick run-down of how the sign was done:
1. Cut your cedar shingles down to the size you desire.
2. Paint the shingles and then sand them with a sander to distress them as desired. This is one of the funnest parts - take out your stress baby!!!! =0)
3. After the paint is dry, cover tiles with a walnut stain and wipe off as desired.
4. Now, cut out your desired letters in coordinating paper. Cut out shadows of the letters in
brown. This is really easy if you own a Cricut! Take brown chalk and distress your letters to make the look old.
5. Paint a layer of good ole Modge Podge on the back of each letter, attach to the shingle and then Modge Podge over the top.
6. Attached your desired embellishments, i.e. buttons, rick rack, robbon, etc.
7. Arrange letters in the shape you want and then hot glue them in place. Add finishing nails to the corners to ensure the little devil doesn't come undone!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lexie's Ladybug Day Spa Birthday

Our little Lexie Kay turned 7 yesterday! Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!!!

As you might of guessed the theme had to do with ladybugs. In the picture above she is posing with the cake I made her out of fondant and her flowers, complete with little ladybugs in them made with my handy dandy Cricut.

Lexie started out the day with our tradition of waking her up blowing bubbles and singing "Happy Birthday".

For her ladybug party, she informed me she needed a ladybug shirt - so of course, I had to make one!!!

We had a Ladybug Day Spa for her at Grandma's house because she had a hot tub! So here is Lexie arriving at the the Little Lady Bug Day Spa (note the facial beds in the background to the left =0):

The spa guests began by "relaxing" in the hot tub:

The girls then split up into stations. Here is the birthday girl getting her chocolate facial treatment! All of the girls loved this station!

Here is cousin Shelly relaxing with her facial:

The girls then got a foot scrub and went to the pedicure station where their nails were painted red with black poka dots, of course! While they were getting their nails painted, the girls tied red, black and white ribbon onto black flipflops to keep them busy so their toes could dry.

There was also a waiting room for the girls to read the latest American Girl and Family Fun magazines while they waited. Jordan was the "pool boy" and served chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses to the girls at the different stations. The girls really got into ordering him around, it was pretty funny. Addie kept saying "Jordan, I need more wine!" It cracked me up! Here is a picture of the facial station on the left and the waiting room bench on the right:

This was the foot washing station and the pedicure station:

Here are Lexie and Addie at the refreshment table. I've really been having fun with my new Cricut - it helped me make the goodie bags and tags. The goodie bags were filled with "spa" things including nail polish, toe separators, hair bands, etc. Yep, I had to paint black dots on the tablecloth and napkins - easy peasy - just used a potato dipped in paint:

The goodie bags also included a lady bug hair clip that I made. They turned out pretty cute:

Yep, it may seem that I make my kids' birthdays into national holidays. I think I might enjoy it as much as they do!!! But here is a warning to you, you may turn out like this when the party is done:

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crafit'n with the girls for the Bizarre-Salt Dough Ornaments

Wow it's been a long time since I posted - sorry! We have been busy finishing up homeschool, playing baseball and softball and crafting! Sisters - here is our first try at salt dough ornaments. We did summer ones for our first try because, well its summer time! What do you think? Which ones do you like best? We had a fun time making them!

Here they are before they were baked:

Here are the girls hard at work making the ornaments.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'll Bet You Would Remember The Pony Express If You Were Taught This Way!

In my previous homeschooling posts, I've mentioned how the Konos Curriculum teaches to all learning styles. If you immerse yourself into a subject - not just reading about it - you will retain so much more (and of course it is so much more fun!). In previous posts, you can see examples of our family immersing ourselves in the Revolutionary War last year or in the human body earlier this year.

We are continuing our studies about cooperation and states and regions. This week we have been studying the great plain states. No, we are not just learning the states and capitals. We are learning about the history, geography, economics, etc. about the different states. One of the history events we have been studying this week is the Pony Express. Yes, we have read and talked about it, but nothing will help you remember it like acting it out. So you can see the kiddos in action in a couple of videos below.

In one of the books we read, it had an advertisement for Pony Express riders that we thought was interesting and a little funny:

"YOUNG, SKINNY WIRY FELLOWS, not over eighteen. Must be expert riders willing to risk death daily. Orphans preferred. Wages $25 per week."

Once the Pony Express was in full operation, 80 or more determined riders between the ages of 11 and 45 were out riding night and day. I can't image sending an 11 year old boy to ride 75-100 miles through Indian Territory, in the dark, over snowy mountain passes! We are so spoiled now days! One fifteen-year-old rider (Nick Wilson) was shot in the forehead with an arrow. He survived, and until his death at the age of seventy-one, wore his hat pulled low to hide the scar. I think I would have worn my scar proudly!!! During the short duration of the Pony Express, horses were stolen, stations were burned to the ground and sixteen men, including an Express rider were killed. His horse carried the mail to the next relay station all by himself!

The riders only had about 2 minutes to change horses at each station. They would run the horses for about 15 miles and then change to a fresh horse. One station developed biscuits with holes in them so the riders could "stab" their food. You'll see the kiddos attempting this in the video. The riders also blew horns to alert the station that they were coming so that the next horse could be ready. You'll also see the kiddo's alerting the station of their approach. What brave riders they are - to face the dangers in our neighborhood to deliver the mail!

Yet, two more brave Pony Express Riders:

So, do you want to come school at our house?