Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hello my sisters!

So, my beloved and I went to lunch two weeks ago Saturday, something we haven't done in quite awhile. I should preface this story by telling you all that as we (men in particular, I think) get older comments come out of our mouths and bypass the youthful filters we once had. In other words you think "Did I say that or did I just think that?" Anyway back to the story. It's May 5, Cinco de Miyo, and we are sitting in Cafe Zennons having lunch. Making polite conversation I mention that we should have gone somewhere and had Mexican food in honor of the holiday. He quickly responds "Why would I do that, it's not my holiday?" Taken aback and in my most refined tone I responded "I can't believe you said that, what a redneck." You may have noted he has a bit of an issue with the whole illegal immigration issue right now and it tends to color his responses. As we have learned over the past 36 years there are some things we can't agree on so we agree to have differendt opinions and then Rick realizes I'm right and comes around. Anyway, he utters his usual response when he knows he has commited a foopaw and begins to ask me about the "Fairy Fesitval" that Kallista and her little cousin were going to that afternoon. (Note: This was a fun tea, crafts, games, etc. where the children can dress up as fairies and the proceeds are to benefit the MS Foundation.) But he says "So, what about the fairies?" He quickly looks at me and says he just need to bring a shovel with him whenever he's out in public. I couldn't figure out what was going on but he would only say that he would tell me later. When we left the restaraunt he told me that there were two guys sitting at the table next to us, obviously of the domestic partner persuasion and when he said...well you get the picture. They turned and looked at him. As we left the restaraunt we were laughing(of course with him not at him) and I told him I would continue to look throughout the day for any additional groups of people he could insult such as disabled, Asian, African American. So the moral of the story is always carry a shovel and be prepared to dig your way out of yet another pile of "humble pie." Bless his heart!


Vonda said...

Tell Rick I'll be waiting with a shovel at the farm when he slips up with the hillbilly remarks. That is if I get it! Very funny story. Poor boy!