Wednesday, May 9, 2007

How come my arms always look bigger in pictures?

Hello Dahlings! I'm so glad we are doing this! It will be awesome to keep in touch! My question for all of you this a.m. is how come my arms look bigger in pictures? It has got to be some weird picture trick - I just can't imagine that I have Grandma arms already!!! I'm afraid to wave at someone as I'm not sure I'll get my arms to stop waving once they start!!!! So - here is a challenge for all you Fuzi sisters - STOP THE WAVING (I know you've got it too - Grandma Haw was generous with this gift!) So, if you're up to the challenge, let's get rid of the Grandma Haw arms (sorry Grandma - no disrespect, it really is a fond memory!). I dare you to measure your arms and see if you can reduce the fluff in 30 days. Now, I've done it, I'll have to stop eating that icecream!!!! In fact - how about a before and after picture of just our arms? That is not too threatening is it???? It's not like we have to reveal our entire lovely self - just an arm! Come on, we've already seen Vonda's feet - what is a little arm picture going to hurt!!!!! Don't be chicken - you first Vonda!!!!!!

Well, I hope you all have a great day - beautiful weather. I'm off to Boise to take Lexie to her pediatric dentist for a checkup on the few teeth she has left!!!! Then we'll race back to Addie's T ball game and Jordie's baseball game. Somewhere in between we'll homeschool and I'll go to work.

P.S. - no fair on you all getting pampered - Loretta you owe me big time!!!! Bring the age spot cream!!!!


Barb said...

Hello all,
This may set a dangerous precident. How is it going to look with teeny tiny arms on this voluptuous figure. I can barely hold up a curling iron now. How do we reduce this "fluff"? I hope you're not talking "pumping iron" cause I already do that. How do you think I get rid of the wrinkles in my clothes? You know there are other less threatening solutions, long sleeves, arms behind your back at all picture opps, always hugging someone when the camera comes out. Improvise! Anyway I prefer to think of the issue as resting muscle ready to spring into action at a moments notice (did I hear Haagan das). 30 days you say, that sounds like it coincides with the birthday visit. You're not suggesting a group arm picture for mom's bday. Hey, I've got it, lets do different body part group pictures. How does a row of cheeks sound? (You pick which cheeks - but I'm thinking we should stay away from the face area for now.) But maybe not, I would love to just photo noses etc . This is sounding very fun! What do you think? Hope you trip goes well, talk to you soon. Barb

Vonda said...

I'm in for this but I will have to have someone take the picture I think......much too much area to cover for a close up with my camera. It may hide it's lens if confronted with the jiggles flapping at it. I do think parts photos would be a gas! Maybe trying to see if you could identify a part......(note: could become graphically unsightly).

Barb said...

Ok, so while we are all in one place either at Baker or the Sister's Getaway (is that still on by the way?) we shall bring cameras and the part-ing shots shall begin. I wonder if there are any pool boys around who would be willing to take the pictures? Perhaps blind pool boys or soon to be blinded pool boys.

Loretta said...

Large, waving arms (pits as well), pool boys, unsightly wind flapping, lights-camera-action-I am pretty sure this sounds like the next Shrek movie. Of course you all know that I had no idea that was what the extra skin was - I just thought it was butterfly wings waving at me from a hidden area (and I do mean hidden). Now my bubble is burst so along with the fat a** I have the horrid realization I have flapping wings (and not of the angelic kind). I am on board so when do we begin? Also, Kris - you will get yours when I come to Baker for Keely's graduation so be ready!! It could mena massive cream coverage on the face and you may want to make sure there are no "hang nails" = Just ask Barb! Ha!Ha. Love you all

Loretta said...

Hi - I did a no/no last night - I forgot to sign out - now what?