Monday, May 14, 2007

"I Need This New Technology Like I Need A Paper Head"

Bet you guys can't guess who said that! So I am in the grocery store with Dave and we decide to go through the self checkout lane. Now mind you he always hated these things in the beginning. Didn't trust em, sure the evil eye devil was out to get him if he should scan a can of soup. But after forcing him to go through once or twice NOW he always wants to go through them. He loves scanning each item but as you know, his methodical ways do not make for the speediest guy around. I tend to grab and scan, throw it in the bag any old way and tap my foot impatiently as I wait for the receipt. But here is Dave, finger poised to punch in our phone number because we have forgotten our Albertsons card. But alas, as I watch the last four digits punched in are 3535. "Ummm hon, that is not our phone number". "It isn't?". "No it's not" as the scanner says "not recognized". So he punches in 3939 and hmmmmm, it works. So after watching him drag each item slowly across the scanner, a half an hour and only 4 items later (I exaggerate) I take over and he begins to hand me the remaining items. Last item....6 small onions. He lays it on the scale and I punch in the item code and wow, the onions cost $8.98 (again slight exaggeration). Look again and see that he is leaning over watching me put the code in all the while resting one hand on the scale. You gotta love him!

I had a lovely mothers day. Brian had to work but left me a gift and called me on his break to wish me a good day. But he hinted around by saying "Gosh I sure hope there is some Mothers Day left when I get home". Translate that to hope there is food left and it might be a little more accurate. Jill and Kelli fixed me a nice lunch while "not the momma" read the paper and I baked the berry pie that he bought. But to his credit, he took me to a nice dinner with his parents the night before. Besides, I am not his mom and he treats me like the queen I demand to be most days. Granted it is mostly by rolling his eyes when I snaggle, but I'm lucky.

Called mom about ten times yesterday to wish her a happy mothers day and the phone just kept ringing and ringing without going into her answering machine. So last night I became a little worried that maybe something was wrong and called Kristi to see if she had heard anything from mom. Of course she had so while we are on the phone Pat calls mom on his cel phone to see if she will pick up. She finally does and come to find out she now has call waiting but doesn't know how to use it so of course it just keeps ringing which means it must be beeping in her ear and she gabs to whomever. Kristi tells me she even hangs up to see who is calling and then says it makes her mad because it is a sales call. Oh mom! Well I think we should have done what Kristi suggested, just have Pat hold the cel phone up to their phone and I would talk to her that way or better yet I'll tell Kristi what to say and she can tell Pat and he can tell mom. Heh heh!

**Note: Dave says I exaggerate. I can't imagine why! Just so you all know, I really do appreciate him. His methodical ways lead to good decisions, well thought through where mine......, well you know.


Jill said...

Ah the oddities of Dad that make him the loveable old fart that he is. I still avoid asking him a serious question, for fear he'll launch into a 2 hour explanation of the economy or government...nothing to do with the question I originally asked. "Do you like crunchy peanut butter, or creamy better?" asks Jill. "Weeeellll..." begins Dad. Jill sighs inwardly and sits down for the long haul, "Generally, I prefer creamy peanut butter. It's better for dipping carrots, celery, and other random vegetables. But, you know, I've never been one to turn down crunchy. Although, those little peanuts get stuck in my teeth and then I dread a trip to the dentist, because all he wants to talk about is Bush this, and Bush that. And you know, I'm not that big on talking politics. I mean, I have my opinions, of course. And I certainly don't care much for the price of gas these days..." and by then, I'm usually in a semi-coma until mom recognizes the glazed look in my eyes and rescues me.