Thursday, May 10, 2007

Large Marge Arms, Chicky Butts, Mommys and Grandmas

OK so here is the fat, cow milking, brother and sister fighting arm shot (throw in a little child rearing and grandkid elbow to boot). I look like I could tear down the biggest football player around. I am searching carefully for man hair there.

No wait I like it better covered up a mode of dress now. You know all this reminds me of the fact that Dad taught us to call our belly buttons a "chicky butt".

Sick man!

So now Jill is teaching Byron the same thing. I have to tell you when Lucy was trying to point out my chicky butt I had to intervene. "No no darling....mamaw doesn't have a chicky is called an ostrich a**".

That said, I will measure to meet the challenge but short of bulking up my one strong arm with weights, what do I do about the rest of me cause don't you have to exercise and quit eating? Don't know if I am up to THAT.

PS.....don't know if I'm brave enough to post the measurement. Come on you guys....if I can do this, you better.

PSS....Loretta, if you forget to sign out, no prob. Just sign out now.



Loretta said...

I was going to try to take a picture of my "large & in charge" set of arm jowels but when I attempted to utitlize the camera I suddenly realized that all this time what I thought was angel wings flapping in the breeze at me was in fact a set of hog jowels hanging off the lower side of my arms. Now if that don't beat all!!!I guess that takes the last illusion I had away. Now not only do I have a fat a**, I have jowel arms. Well, I guess I can go ahead and take those measurements for all you brave sisters. But remember, when I post the stats it won't be for the faint of heart. Anyway, I love you ladies and am so glad you are my sisters. Have a wonderful mother's day!

Love Loretta

Kristi said...

Vonda - I knew you couldn't resist a dare! My wonderful arm will be up soon!


Happy Mothers' Day you all!