Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Oh Spring Chickens

This years chicken purchase all began with Dave wanting to get two new Buff Orpington chicks because he heard that they were supposed to be a docile breed. Why do we need two docile chickens? Well of course he wants the grand kids to be able to pet them or that is what he told me. Well you know I am a sucker for, yes, the grand kids. Well he and Emma went to pick up the chicks and lo and behold they came home with four.

Well I still didn't think too much of it. Our hens are still laying but Dave has been threatening to get rid of them because he just didn't think they were producing enough. I say if you had to poop out an egg a day or so, you would want to slow down too. So now he has talked himself into eight new chicks because of course it will take several months for them to lay any eggs and he is still pondering murdering our remaining eight. So I am preparing them for the worst by having them watch this:Now I consider our old gals to be pretty darn smart. Well that is except maybe one. Our barred rock (the black speckled one) is a beauty to look at and lays an egg, oh around every two or three days if she feels like it. I finally think I figured out why. For quite some time I have been hearing a weird kind of half crow, squawk coming from the hen house early in the morning. I knew we did not have any roosters left so it had to be either a rooster got in from our neighbors or maybe a transgender hen. I kept trying to figure it out and finally one morning I caught her in the act. She was out in the chicken yard flapping her wings and out came that half crow/squawk. She was the only one up and about so there was no denying it. I think perhaps she may be the first Dave takes out.

At least she hasn't laid one of these yet.



april said...

I'm laughing and feeling very sorry for that confused hen.

I love that you all have a sisters sweet.