Friday, May 18, 2007

A Very Cool Photo From the Past

September, 1962. I had just turned five when this photo was taken. Note that we are all wearing our very hip, very cool cowboy boots. That is, except David who could be excused because he was a baby and mom probably had a terrible time trying to get plastic pants pulled up over his boots. I'm sure he screamed about having to take those boots off just for a diaper change. Now note the only other person not wearing her super cool boots is Barb, the oldest. Well you know at the ripe old age of almost nine, it was becoming uncool to wear those boots. Loretta, her pleasing compliant self probably decided that if Barb thought they were uncool, then they were really cool. Me, I knew they were just about the coolest. I wore them with everything I owned, from the terrycloth shorts outfit that mom made me to dresses and probably my pajamas, that is if I wore them. I don't rightly remember that part. See how my boots were the most highly decorated and so hence the best and coolest ever! Now look at John with his magnificent ears (as Jill says) on the end of the porch. He apparently has just done something he thought was quite comical....see how we are all smiling and looking at him. Aunt Mary, who took this picture probably thought he was being so cute. Little did she know it was probably the biggest gas explosion ever that made us all look....that is, all of us except poor little David. Look at his sour, all knowing face.

Kristi, sorry you are not in this photo. But I know you have those cute little black boots that mom bought you somewhere. Perhaps you could take a picture of those and write about them.

This could have been the year mom really wished she was in an institution. Five children ranging in ages from one to eight or nine. And to think she still didn't know that she was going to produce two more little chickens before she was done.


Loretta said...

You will notice how far I am leaning the opposite way of John as he laughs (now you know it was in fact a gas explosion). But you will also notice I didn't seem to move to far away so I must have been in a literal fog. Anyway I just love this picture and of course I, being the fashion diva I have always been,am wearing myyyyyy boots with the appropriate day wear! Well how cooooool is that? HMMMMM???

Barb said...

What beautiful children. Of course you must remember that every animal's babies are cute no matter what they are - it's that growing up part that kills ya!