Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What's the Buzz

Hello to all the beautiful women in my life! I'm looking forward to keeping in touch via our 'blog' and hearing from all of you often. So, here's my catchup news. We are all relatively well considering our age. Eric is back to the old routine of living in an apartment in Portland Monday thru Friday and home for weekends. Kids are well. Aaron is going to school, working at Market of Choice on weekends and managing the apartment complex where he lives - so his life is pretty much spoken for most of the time. We only see him on 'laundry day' at mom and dads. Hopefully he'll have a little more time in the summer. Jason is working and raising 'the boy'. Jeremy and Kamisha are back in full swing with the business and Miss Kallista. Joska is finishing Spring Soccer (last game is this Saturday). He's doing well in school but of course looking forward to summer. Kallista is a pistol and as you can imagine keeping Kamisha and Jeremy on their toes as she is in full "two" mode. Everyone will be able to make the surprise birthday bash in June That sould be fun to see all the little cousins together. Picture opps galore!

Hope all is well with everyone. I'd send an updated picture of myself but let's keep the illusion of thin and beautiful a little longer for all of you. You know how you see a "large" person and say "I can't understand how someone can get so big" and then you realize that it's your reflection, well I'm there! I know one thing for sure no one will mess with Loretta, Barbara, and Vonda when they are together, dark alleys or no, we are a formidable force. It all came crashing down around me (literally) last week when in my usual mode of rushing around I had Kallista on a stool eating lunch and decided to get something in the hallway. (And of course you all know that due to another wonderful after effect of old age I for the life of me can't remember even what I was rushing around to do.) Anyway, I had removed a rug in the hallway for laundering leaving the only clean and consequently waxed and slick spot on the entire wood floor. As my lovely socked feet hit the spot they flew out from under me and I landed, no doubt looking like a beached whale. I do remember the grandfather clock jingling and I'm sure there was a shock wave sent through the house as my sweet granddaughter asked "What was that grandma?" After laying there for a couple of seconds and making sure nothing was broken I replied "It's just grandma being a silly old woman." So for the rest of the day she would say "You're a silly old woman grandma." It took me until Sunday to recuperate, I'm sure a diamond has formed in the crawl space under the house where I landed. Anyway, moral of this story is "Walk softly and carry a big piece of humble pie with you wherever you go."
Talk to all of you soon. Love,


Vonda said...

Yep, we are all gittin old. The ground seems lots closer any more.

Loretta said...

Now those are some "in charge" arms. I am so glad someone has the same size of in charge arms as me. I think mine are a wee bit larger as I know I have to be not only large but in charge as well. I can't get pictures on the system yet but I will take my measurements. I am all for the entire package getting toned. Whats the plan?