Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Barb!

Barb doing what she does the best....loving babies.

This day 54 years ago (or at least I am told) our parents brought forth the eldest of our siblings. I always looked up to her when I was growing up, especially during my teen years. It seemed she was always the coolest and she drove me places after school, which I am sure was thrilling to her. She has a sharp wit and a loving heart. Although she can out-tease all of us, we always know she has a strong devotion to all of us. The first to jump in and help others and always thinking of everyone except herself.

Happy Birthday sis. I love you!

Who are these people? What happened to us? Damn birthdays!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Crazy Cow

Crazy day, crazy week, crazy life. Tell you later sisters. BUT, I can laugh when I watch this so instead of doing what I am supposed to be doing I keep watching it. Oh how I wish I could be this cow!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Party Photos 1

When our family gets together to prepare for an event such as this birthday party, we usually become somewhat delirious from lack of sleep, stress worrying about all of the potential men that will hit upon us beautiful women. No matter that most of them are related and wouldn't touch us with a ten foot pole. We know someone out there will be after us (at least in our dreams). Seriously, look at these two. Barb and Loretta working so hard to make the food look good.
Now to zoom in a little closer. I believe Barb has become insane. Loretta is giddy and all from no shut eye and perhaps the prospect that we all have to be together in one small space. Honest, I helped. I only had the camera for a second.
Our two nieces, Amber and Autumn are so very delighted to be there helping us in the kitchen. I think I overheard them asking their dad (our brother John, whom let us bombard his home for the party) to please, please let them be adopted by someone else. No matter that they are in their 20's.

And here is our youngest brother, Jay posing so gallantly. Now he and his lovely wife, Lori just opened a new restaurant in Baker City called "The Fillin Station". Doesn't this photo make you want to run right out and have a delicious meal. Jay you will be sorry. Now the internet world knows just how refined you are.

And here might be Jay's identical twin brother, Larry. Some people say he is Larry the Cable Guy. But don't you see the resemblance? "Git-R-Done"

Loretta and Kristi posing with our cute little aunties on our dad's side. I would like to bring them home with me. They are so cute and funny. As little and cute as they are, they are tough gals raised on a homesteaded property with little but sage brush and jack rabbits. I think I remember mom or dad telling me that one of his sisters used to chase and catch jack rabbits with her hands. But I am not certain which one. Do any of you sisters know? Seems like it was Betty (not pictured).

The four musketeers. From left...Kelli, Jill, Autumn and Amber. These cousins were born within weeks of each other....course Jill and Amber are a month apart and Autumn and Kelli are two weeks apart. Jill and Kelli belong to me and Autumn and Amber belong to brother, John. Aren't theybeeeeutiful?

Our brother, John saying a blessing over mom. Hmmm. I wonder if he thinks that this is the end for her. Nah, she is way too tough to let her 70th be the end. In fact I bet she is about ready to smack him for thinking such a thing. You know I am not called the "mule killers daughter" for nothing. Another story, another time.

Look how innocent little Joska is looking. Grandma Barb does a good job keeping him humble with all of her teasing. He's a good boy.

Here is Kristi posing with Jason. Jason is Barb's oldest son. Isn't he handsome? He is Joska's dad (bet you couldn't tell that). Kristi is only three years older than him and spent lots of time with him when Barb and Rick lived in Baker. I am sure you can come up with a few pictures Barb, of them when they were little. We should put one up to compare.
I will put some more photos up from the event later. Nuff for today!

Happy Father's Day! - Where there's smoke there's fire.

Hope everyone had a great day celerating the fathers in their lives! Ours was the typical non-eventful day. (You all know there is no such thing in this family.) The patriarch in our family, Eric, wanted BBQ ribs for the day so I proceeded to make them - an all afternoon effort - turning every 1/2 hour....under the watchful eye of the master BBQer himself who, by the way is still working on the underdone overdone delemia with BBQ's in general. Anyway there were woodchips in a foil packet for smoking the ribs but could never quite get them to smoke. Finally got them finished and Jeremy, Kamisha and Kallista came over as soon as they were back from a weekend camping trip. (Resulting in 2-shift eating.) Grandma then went into the playroom with Kallista to read. Eric asks (from the family room) where the spray bottle is. I just figure he is cleaning the grill and tell him the info. Later when we go back into the family room he states that he hopes the BBQ isn't ruined. He turned the burners on high to "clean" them and went back inside. A few minutes later Kamisha looked outside and there were flames shooting out of the closed BBQ. Apparently a few wood chips had fallen through the grates and ignited. Well we finally had smoke. I guess the flames were put out with the spray bottle. (I wondered about just turning off the gas, but what do I know.) Fortunately it wasn't close to the house but the filbert tree is a little worse for the wear. Otherwise things went fine. Have a great week and as Kallista tells PaPa, you can have a kiss tomorrow!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Finally Blogging

Hey all you lovely sisters and neices. I am finally getting to blog. Well, where to begin? I guess I will start by thanking everyone of my lovely family for all the hard work and effort that went into mom's 70th. It was absolutely wonderful and mom was stunned. I have to relate my excursion to Baker (already told Vonda). As I begin this story, I will reiterate the same thing I told Vonda - I will not, and I do mean will not tell Ralph, cause I don't want to fuel the ammuniton bucket. But since I know all you lovelies will understand, I will begin: Schelly and I got up early Thursday morning to begin the trip to Baker. I had loaded the car at about 4:30 am and we were taking Shalon's yellow lab dog (T) to give her to a gentleman in Baker who is disabled and would give her a better life than she has being chained up or in the house all the time. She is 6 years old and a beautiful dog. I must relate that her dad is grand champion GUIDE dog in Idaho. Well we started out and Ralph called on the phone telling me that the license on the Pontiac he is driving has expired (I had gotten the notice a month or so ago and promptly put it aside and forgot it - not that I would normally ever forget anything you know) so Schelly and I waited until DMV opened up and with car loaded to the hilt we went inside, took a number and waited for about 45 minutes to get the new stickers. Once we got them, Ralph, who by this time was already into his work day a couple of hours, met us outside took the stickers, kissed bug on the cheek and we said our fond farewells. Schelly immediately started complaining that she was hungry but I told her to wait a bit. I wanted to cross onto the Washington side so I could travel to Kelso to stop at the West Coast Beauty supply and pick up some needed supplies (you know after getting together and fixing all us beauties up for the sister blog picture I was running low - but I will have you know Vonda made the blouses, Barbara made the skirts, Kris made the necklace ties and god knows who made us lovely women). After a couple of miles I decided to pull off at a little turn around place to get a cup of coffee for myself and a hot cocoa for Schelly. Upon doing so, I asked the girl waiting on us how far to Kelso? She told me about 45 miles and it usually takes about an hour. Well, armed with our drinks and T the yellow lab, we set out back on the highway. After several minutes I noticed that the scenery seemed a bit familiar. Suddenly Schelly spoke up and said, "mommy, haven't we been here already today?" I then noticed the bridge we had crossed earlier into Washington. I, being totally mortified, said - "Oh honey, I don't think so, but I know your hungry so mommy is going to take you back to Astoria to get a sandwich for the road. Now you may be asking yourself how this could have happended when I had the daughter of the grand champion GUIDE dog in the car with me, but let me tell you, it is very difficult to understand her turning in circles in the back seat and whinning, when I just recently realized that she was a traveling auto guide dog. At any rate, next time I will listen and stop the car to see which way her tail is pointing, or is it her nose? Anyway we finally made it there. Now the good part. The next day after the party I went out to mom's to give her a facial, pedicure and manicure for her birthday as she had never had a facial or pedicure. We began the pedicure first, me bending low to massage her legs and feet, all the while bending my head, coughing and trying to blow the smoke rings away. We got that done and began the manicure. After several passes of the fire stick from hand to hand we were able to complete the service. I then set up for the facial and advised mom that she was absolutely going to have to put out her smoke while I was doing the facial as I am quite sure I could not put the product on her face and massage around the cigarette, no matter how experienced or talented I will become. We completed the facial and she loved it. Seriously, I am so glad I was able to do that for her as she truly appreciated it and it meant a lot to her. Well if all you lovelies get through this huge blog you will have had your reading for the day. I love you all, happy birthday Kris and blog soon!!!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Are You Lonely? Heh, Heh, Heh

You've got to learn to laugh at yourself, otherwise you'll be the only one not laughing!!!!!

We went on a camping excursion with our good friends, the Acquistapces, new Twin Falls, Idaho over Memorial Day Weekend. We were traveling to various sites so our friends had us use one of their cell phones in our car because they have free minutes to talk back and forth. We had been conversing to each other via their cell phones throughout the day. THEN CAME THE CALL. I figured it was our friends and so I answered it: ARE YOU LONELY???? HEH, HEH, HEH (in my best gravely, sexy voice). Without skipping a beat, the person on the other end of the phone said: Hi! This is Fred Meyer Photo and your pictures are ready!!!! Oh, my goodness, - I wonder if that lady gets those type of phone calls a lot, because she didn't even pause!!!! After fits of laughter, I consoled myself knowing that I wouldn't be the one to go pick up those photos!!! Would I do it again - you bet - someone might really be lonely out there!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy 70th Birthday Mom

Our mom turns 70 today. How do you describe Mae? We mostly call her mom but on occasion mother or when she would block out the noise of seven plus (which was quite often), "Mrs. Fuzi". That usually got her attention. A true ranch woman who did everything on the farm from training horses, dogs and mostly us to feeding animals on a tractor in three feet of snow and often performing veterinarian and nursing skills on animals, dad, and kids alike. A 4-H leader year after year for horse clubs and leather craft, a woman who could drive with the greatest of skill. By this I mean a cigarette in one hand, cup of coffee in the other, reading the mail propped on the steering wheel all the while trying to steer in and out of the ditches with her knee. Dang....the good old days. She can sew, knit, crochet, quilt, paint, play the piano, cuss like a sailor and cook the best food around.

Mom working with the neighbors horse back in the days

Teaching the neighbors kids how to train horses

Mom with Brian at her birthday party. I can tell you exactly what she is thinking as he is laughing. He usually teases her and her favorite thing to say to him is "Do you want me to choke you with a dirty sock?"

Oh the funny stories we could tell on her. Sisters, do you have one? I do.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Kristi

Today 38 year ago a little girl was born to our family. I was hoping so much as an almost 12-year-old that she would be a boy. I already had two older sisters and three younger brothers and lets face it, I was the youngest girl. Sandwiched in the middle of a large family I felt that was the only recognition I had. I didn't want to lose that place. But God spoke and whopped me on the head. As soon as I saw her I fell in love and try as I might, I couldn't keep a jealous thought. How could I? She was so darn cute and fun.
Look how pretty she grew up to be! Little wench........

Happy Birthday sis. I love you.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Life is Good - Especially When You Can Eat Watermelon

Lexie is finally learning to chew her food. So, I had to share this picture of her enjoying watermelon (my favorite food of all times!)

Attack of the Condors

I couldn't help but share this picture. We celebrated the last day of our bird study and of homeschool with a visit to the World Birds of Prey Sanctuary in Boise. Addie had a little trouble with the Condors!

See you soon in Baker City!


In planning our mom's 70th birthday party of all the invitations sent out only about 7 people replied. Now I have heard by word of mouth about a good amount of people that will be there. It has apparently become the norm to not reply or maybe most people don't know the meaning of this acronym. I had this problem when Jill married. Well maybe it is just our family? Huh? Naw! That doesn't account for the friends that will be there but did not reply. The trend really does not apply just to our friends and family but to the world.

Hmm! Wonder if this is what R.S.V.P. means. Come on, help me decipher what else this could mean.

R = Really
S = Smart
V = Vital
P = People
As Loretta said only these people are invited and this is what we consider them to be....not dead.


R = Rad
S = Super
V = Vibrant
P = Party

This is what every party we give is like!

True Meaning:
The term R.S.V.P. comes from the French expression "répondez s'il vous plaît", meaning "please respond". If R.S.V.P. is written on an invitation it means the invited guest must tell the host whether or not they plan to attend the party. It does not mean to respond only if you're coming, and it does not mean respond only if you're not coming (the expression "regrets only" is reserved for that instance). It means the host needs a definite head count for the planned event, and needs it by the date specified on the invitation.

I've got it! Maybe the reason we don't know the meaning is that it is French. We only knows English. Ya, that's it. Or maybe it is because the invitation has the address, email and phone number blacked out like above. You can't be too safe you know. Wouldn't want not just the internet world to know where my brother lives and what his phone number and my email and home address is but maybe the people we invite would find out and pass it on. Heh! Heh!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Dos for all

Just wanted to thank Vonda for the great picture at the beginning of our blog page. As you can see we all had Loretta (she is studying at the Paul Mitchel School of Hair and Cosemetology) come to my house a few weeks ago and give us facials, manicures, pedicures and new hiardos! We wanted to have the same style for this picture to show just how flattering it could be. Thanks again Loretta for the wonderful relaxing day. We had so much fun (well except maybe for Loretta as she was administering a large amount of cosmetics and reassuring us that yes we will be as beautiful as those movie stars when she is finished.) So hurry up girl and get that license because after this free adveritsing your customer base will be huge! Love you all,

Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweet Memorial

Friday the University of Oregon Linguistics Department where my oldest daughter, Kyla worked had a dedication ceremony for the "Kyla Nagel Memorial Conference Room". Faculty, staff and graduate students spoke of Kyla and what she meant to them. It was a very sweet and emotional time for all of us as well as them. I know Kyla would be so humbled to know that she was so highly thought of. As one friend of mine from campus said, "What a beautiful thing to be remembered in such a long-lasting way".

The faculty, staff and students also made these precious memory books for Lucy and Emma with letters from many about Kyla to let them know how much they thought of her. They also had a memorial article in their last newsletter. Still makes me emotional when I think of all they did and how they felt about her. Most all of these people work down the hall from me and I will be forever grateful.
This is the plaque that they will hang in the room. There are fund raisers now in process for the remodel.

One of the books that was presented to the girls

We're Off to Baker for the big surprise!

"So just who picked the date for the 70th Surprise Party?" asks my youngest son Aaron. Just one more week and school would be out, no finals to worry about and NO 10,000 MOTORCYCLE! What the "Hells' Canyon Motorcycle Rally" is this anyway? Surely someone who lives in Baker knew about this event before the date was decided on, surely! (I've discovered via the web that this event has been going on for 8 years.)Maybe Grandma Mae will believe that they were hired to serenade her on this big day? This event rivals the "Paint Your Wagon" invasion. At least tell me that John (as in Travolta, not brother John. Although it paints quite a picture.) from the movie "Wild Hogs" will be there. Aw I digress. Anyway we wil be there but it was quite an adventure trying to find hotels, everything is sold out until you go to Ontairo or Pendleton! So, I'm assuming all of at least the siblings will be there. (Oh trust me you WILL be there.) Should be fun to see everyone on a festive event. I just can't imagine the population in Baker doubling for a weekend. It should be quite interesting. So strap on your leathers and grab your 'Hog' and we'll see you all on Saturday!