Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day! - Where there's smoke there's fire.

Hope everyone had a great day celerating the fathers in their lives! Ours was the typical non-eventful day. (You all know there is no such thing in this family.) The patriarch in our family, Eric, wanted BBQ ribs for the day so I proceeded to make them - an all afternoon effort - turning every 1/2 hour....under the watchful eye of the master BBQer himself who, by the way is still working on the underdone overdone delemia with BBQ's in general. Anyway there were woodchips in a foil packet for smoking the ribs but could never quite get them to smoke. Finally got them finished and Jeremy, Kamisha and Kallista came over as soon as they were back from a weekend camping trip. (Resulting in 2-shift eating.) Grandma then went into the playroom with Kallista to read. Eric asks (from the family room) where the spray bottle is. I just figure he is cleaning the grill and tell him the info. Later when we go back into the family room he states that he hopes the BBQ isn't ruined. He turned the burners on high to "clean" them and went back inside. A few minutes later Kamisha looked outside and there were flames shooting out of the closed BBQ. Apparently a few wood chips had fallen through the grates and ignited. Well we finally had smoke. I guess the flames were put out with the spray bottle. (I wondered about just turning off the gas, but what do I know.) Fortunately it wasn't close to the house but the filbert tree is a little worse for the wear. Otherwise things went fine. Have a great week and as Kallista tells PaPa, you can have a kiss tomorrow!