Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm Finally Blogging

Hey all you lovely sisters and neices. I am finally getting to blog. Well, where to begin? I guess I will start by thanking everyone of my lovely family for all the hard work and effort that went into mom's 70th. It was absolutely wonderful and mom was stunned. I have to relate my excursion to Baker (already told Vonda). As I begin this story, I will reiterate the same thing I told Vonda - I will not, and I do mean will not tell Ralph, cause I don't want to fuel the ammuniton bucket. But since I know all you lovelies will understand, I will begin: Schelly and I got up early Thursday morning to begin the trip to Baker. I had loaded the car at about 4:30 am and we were taking Shalon's yellow lab dog (T) to give her to a gentleman in Baker who is disabled and would give her a better life than she has being chained up or in the house all the time. She is 6 years old and a beautiful dog. I must relate that her dad is grand champion GUIDE dog in Idaho. Well we started out and Ralph called on the phone telling me that the license on the Pontiac he is driving has expired (I had gotten the notice a month or so ago and promptly put it aside and forgot it - not that I would normally ever forget anything you know) so Schelly and I waited until DMV opened up and with car loaded to the hilt we went inside, took a number and waited for about 45 minutes to get the new stickers. Once we got them, Ralph, who by this time was already into his work day a couple of hours, met us outside took the stickers, kissed bug on the cheek and we said our fond farewells. Schelly immediately started complaining that she was hungry but I told her to wait a bit. I wanted to cross onto the Washington side so I could travel to Kelso to stop at the West Coast Beauty supply and pick up some needed supplies (you know after getting together and fixing all us beauties up for the sister blog picture I was running low - but I will have you know Vonda made the blouses, Barbara made the skirts, Kris made the necklace ties and god knows who made us lovely women). After a couple of miles I decided to pull off at a little turn around place to get a cup of coffee for myself and a hot cocoa for Schelly. Upon doing so, I asked the girl waiting on us how far to Kelso? She told me about 45 miles and it usually takes about an hour. Well, armed with our drinks and T the yellow lab, we set out back on the highway. After several minutes I noticed that the scenery seemed a bit familiar. Suddenly Schelly spoke up and said, "mommy, haven't we been here already today?" I then noticed the bridge we had crossed earlier into Washington. I, being totally mortified, said - "Oh honey, I don't think so, but I know your hungry so mommy is going to take you back to Astoria to get a sandwich for the road. Now you may be asking yourself how this could have happended when I had the daughter of the grand champion GUIDE dog in the car with me, but let me tell you, it is very difficult to understand her turning in circles in the back seat and whinning, when I just recently realized that she was a traveling auto guide dog. At any rate, next time I will listen and stop the car to see which way her tail is pointing, or is it her nose? Anyway we finally made it there. Now the good part. The next day after the party I went out to mom's to give her a facial, pedicure and manicure for her birthday as she had never had a facial or pedicure. We began the pedicure first, me bending low to massage her legs and feet, all the while bending my head, coughing and trying to blow the smoke rings away. We got that done and began the manicure. After several passes of the fire stick from hand to hand we were able to complete the service. I then set up for the facial and advised mom that she was absolutely going to have to put out her smoke while I was doing the facial as I am quite sure I could not put the product on her face and massage around the cigarette, no matter how experienced or talented I will become. We completed the facial and she loved it. Seriously, I am so glad I was able to do that for her as she truly appreciated it and it meant a lot to her. Well if all you lovelies get through this huge blog you will have had your reading for the day. I love you all, happy birthday Kris and blog soon!!!!!