Tuesday, June 5, 2007

New Dos for all

Just wanted to thank Vonda for the great picture at the beginning of our blog page. As you can see we all had Loretta (she is studying at the Paul Mitchel School of Hair and Cosemetology) come to my house a few weeks ago and give us facials, manicures, pedicures and new hiardos! We wanted to have the same style for this picture to show just how flattering it could be. Thanks again Loretta for the wonderful relaxing day. We had so much fun (well except maybe for Loretta as she was administering a large amount of cosmetics and reassuring us that yes we will be as beautiful as those movie stars when she is finished.) So hurry up girl and get that license because after this free adveritsing your customer base will be huge! Love you all,


Vonda said...

You know it took me weeks to dig through my photos for the picture of all of us lovely sisters for the masthead. Loretta, I don't care how good you get in your fancy schooling at Paul Mitchell you will never be able to improve our beauty. Just isn't possible.

Loretta said...

But just wait and think of it! Next time I could die our hair, create updoes instead of pullbacks and place creative waxing techniques on each and every one of you lovely sisters. I of course don't need waxing.