Monday, June 18, 2007

Party Photos 1

When our family gets together to prepare for an event such as this birthday party, we usually become somewhat delirious from lack of sleep, stress worrying about all of the potential men that will hit upon us beautiful women. No matter that most of them are related and wouldn't touch us with a ten foot pole. We know someone out there will be after us (at least in our dreams). Seriously, look at these two. Barb and Loretta working so hard to make the food look good.
Now to zoom in a little closer. I believe Barb has become insane. Loretta is giddy and all from no shut eye and perhaps the prospect that we all have to be together in one small space. Honest, I helped. I only had the camera for a second.
Our two nieces, Amber and Autumn are so very delighted to be there helping us in the kitchen. I think I overheard them asking their dad (our brother John, whom let us bombard his home for the party) to please, please let them be adopted by someone else. No matter that they are in their 20's.

And here is our youngest brother, Jay posing so gallantly. Now he and his lovely wife, Lori just opened a new restaurant in Baker City called "The Fillin Station". Doesn't this photo make you want to run right out and have a delicious meal. Jay you will be sorry. Now the internet world knows just how refined you are.

And here might be Jay's identical twin brother, Larry. Some people say he is Larry the Cable Guy. But don't you see the resemblance? "Git-R-Done"

Loretta and Kristi posing with our cute little aunties on our dad's side. I would like to bring them home with me. They are so cute and funny. As little and cute as they are, they are tough gals raised on a homesteaded property with little but sage brush and jack rabbits. I think I remember mom or dad telling me that one of his sisters used to chase and catch jack rabbits with her hands. But I am not certain which one. Do any of you sisters know? Seems like it was Betty (not pictured).

The four musketeers. From left...Kelli, Jill, Autumn and Amber. These cousins were born within weeks of each other....course Jill and Amber are a month apart and Autumn and Kelli are two weeks apart. Jill and Kelli belong to me and Autumn and Amber belong to brother, John. Aren't theybeeeeutiful?

Our brother, John saying a blessing over mom. Hmmm. I wonder if he thinks that this is the end for her. Nah, she is way too tough to let her 70th be the end. In fact I bet she is about ready to smack him for thinking such a thing. You know I am not called the "mule killers daughter" for nothing. Another story, another time.

Look how innocent little Joska is looking. Grandma Barb does a good job keeping him humble with all of her teasing. He's a good boy.

Here is Kristi posing with Jason. Jason is Barb's oldest son. Isn't he handsome? He is Joska's dad (bet you couldn't tell that). Kristi is only three years older than him and spent lots of time with him when Barb and Rick lived in Baker. I am sure you can come up with a few pictures Barb, of them when they were little. We should put one up to compare.
I will put some more photos up from the event later. Nuff for today!


Loretta said...

Was just re-reading this and reviewing the pictures when I couldn't help notice that Barb is obviously trying to place her hands over my vuluptuous boosom. Doesn't she realize that with age comes the lack of gravity - lower, lower. Ahh the golden years.