Monday, June 4, 2007

Sweet Memorial

Friday the University of Oregon Linguistics Department where my oldest daughter, Kyla worked had a dedication ceremony for the "Kyla Nagel Memorial Conference Room". Faculty, staff and graduate students spoke of Kyla and what she meant to them. It was a very sweet and emotional time for all of us as well as them. I know Kyla would be so humbled to know that she was so highly thought of. As one friend of mine from campus said, "What a beautiful thing to be remembered in such a long-lasting way".

The faculty, staff and students also made these precious memory books for Lucy and Emma with letters from many about Kyla to let them know how much they thought of her. They also had a memorial article in their last newsletter. Still makes me emotional when I think of all they did and how they felt about her. Most all of these people work down the hall from me and I will be forever grateful.
This is the plaque that they will hang in the room. There are fund raisers now in process for the remodel.

One of the books that was presented to the girls