Monday, July 2, 2007


Help I'm melting. Admit it, you thought I was going to put a picture up of a flasher. Shame on you!

As I sit here with intermittent hot flashes, I think back to the times that I thought that most older women were crazy when they began to complain. As with most dumb things you think when you are young, now I understand. Famous words from almost everyone. The three of us older sisters are experiencing the wonder of it all. So pay attention Kristi. You will only have this to look forward to. Betcha you wish you didn't have us to teach you huh?

But along with this side of life comes the freedom of the knowledge that ummmm, you just don't give a flip what others think. Those hot flashes take away all reasoning and politeness. So, this is what I am looking and feeling like nowadays!


Kristi said...

Oh Joy - You make it sound so wonderful and inviting!!!! But if I get to wear hot pink pants like that and smoke a cigar - I'm in!!!

Loretta said...

Oh my - mom reincarnated. Don't you just love it when someone looks at you and says "I recognize you (or as mom always says) you look like you have all been kicked by the same horse." I have often wondered and pondered about that horse. What the hell was he thinking? Anyway - I am quite sure I will be smoking the more slender, elite cigars in my old age. Not that it will be any time soon you know. Ha! Ha!

Barb said...

Lookin good my loverly seester!