Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy Fourth of July for Some

O.K. I just have to vent here. I am no hater of fireworks displays in general done professionally with safety measures in place BUT I have always hated the fact that people so carelessly set off purchased fireworks in their back yards and such. Especially since it begins around here the month before the 4th and lasts through August, sometimes September. People just don't get it. Not only all that money lit into a burning inferno in an instant but this is what I hate to hear about.

I am all for celebrating our countries independence but as usual things just get so out of hand. Sad, sad, sad. But what makes me even more enraged as I read this is the comment that was made by the fiancé of of the little boy's aunt...."He was so loving, and he loved attention. Caleb had turned 4 years old on Saturday, but his parents didn't have enough money for a birthday party" Chance said. "I would just really love it if either God or society would give them a break," he said.

If they didn't have enough money for a birthday party, how did they afford the fireworks? Makes my blood boil......

Maybe I am just sensitive from losing a child to a disease that could not be stopped or maybe it is because Kyla wanted to live so badly for her girls. Whatever the reason, am I wrong here?

Sorry for the vent here sisters but I just had to say something.


Loretta said...

Never apologize for your feelings. I understand. When your child leaves so early and needlessley your hear aches for all those who could do something to stop it and don't. I love you and am thinking of you always!

Vonda said...

Of course you understand....that we have this in common, I am sad. If ever there were something in common that I wished we did not have it would be this. I love you and know how much you miss Pres. We all do.