Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here I Am - 4:30 a.m. - Nothing Better To Do!

Well hello all - It is 4:30 in the am and here I lay reading sister blogs. It occurred to me that I obviously lead a disturbingly boring life when, doing the routinely "I can't sleep" ritual, I find solace in reading my beautiful sister's blog. Don't misunderstand, I find it refreshingly funny (although - not wishing ill on my sweet sister) but I sure am glad I wasn't the one to find the snake. I probably would still be running or at the very least burning down my house - furnishings and all - had I found the snake. I was thinking (one of those rare occasions) that maybe if Schelly, her cat and my two Jack Russells would find their own bed I might be able to rest or at least stretch out to do my sister blogging. Hey - you know what? I can envision Kelli standing in front of the living room window, folding her laundry and all the while laughing, saying inside herself (or maybe even out loud) "Wow mom, it looks like you missed a spot." Hey Jilly Bean - you should have been there to supervise or at least act interested - ha!ha! You just knew you would be included in the laundry folding - huh? Oh by the way, let Brian know I am so proud of him although now I won't be able to be persistent and call every few hours just to harass his behind. Just to let you know Vonda - I mowed a portion of this rental lawn as well (yesterday). I, unlike those professional lawn movers) refuse to stop and move anything in my way - apples, blueberries, sticks, kids swimming pools, dog pooh (and there is a plenty of that) or anything else for that matter. When my six year old says "mommy what was that, or wow what smells?" I just act like I can't hear her little quibbles and continue on my way - gettin er done. No wonder I belong to the bubba Fuzi gang. Anyway - love you guys!


Vonda said...

I love the picture I see in my head of you mowing with things flying in all directions. Somehow it seems like that is me. We MUST be related.

Barb said...

What are you doing mowing the lawn young lady. With you gimped up knee Mr. Ralph should have that job! And how is your knee and shcool and etc. Miss talking to you. Hope to see you some day in August or September. Tell me again about you schedule.
Love ya,