Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Smell a Rat

Sooooo, a couple of weeks ago I came home from work on a Tuesday and when I walked through the front door I detected a faint odor. Now, I am quite well known among close family for my great gift of olfaction. (Look it up.) I can smell a beer on your breath at 50 paces. As I enter the premises I catch a slight smell - now it could be a number of things considering the lads bedroom is right there. Take your pick, old shoes, dirty clothes, little and big boy smells ugggg. Anyway I kept sniffing around the hallway but couldn't quite find a definite culprit so I asked Jason to remove the 400 lbs of laundry from the floor of his bedroom and see if we could eliminate the problem. Along comes Thursday, and you guessed it I walk in the door and WAM there it is stronger than ever. Now the vicinity is more apparant and seems to be coming from the closet int he entryway. I pull everything out but can't seem to find anything but something is definitely amiss. Open doors, windows, light candles, avoid the hallway. Alongs comes Friday - something has died!!! I called the Bug Man and he proceeds to ask if we have put out any rodent poisen recently. Of course my darling has put some in the attic. Apparantly that is not the thing to do - the critters nibble and then go under the house for a "dirt nap". So for $150 he could send someone out to crawl under the house and see what he could see. But he cautioned that it could be in the walls in which case they would have to tear out walls or we could live with it. Well that wasn't going to work! Fortunately, for me anyway, our wonderful son-in-law Jeremy is a home inspector and he volunteered to go under the house and treasure hunt on Friday morning. What was lost was found! He bagged (literally) a huge, maggot infected rat, up in the insulation. Oh my God, I live in the ghetto. Anyway I called Eric and gave him the good news, he really wasn't looking forward to coming home and crawling under the house on Saturday. Bless Jeremy's heart. I owe him one. Eric did get to tear out carpet in the closet, seal all seams with calk, and we now have a clean, aired out closet. I would not recommend this as the best way to do a spring cleaning but it was definitly a motivator. And the adventures continue!

By the way, thanks to all my siblings for the birthday wishes. You are all so sweet. I appreciate all of you so much. What a blessing! Ta ta,


Vonda said...

Jeremy is a saint. Ewwww and in this 100 degree weather, that should be smelling just dandy.

Jill said...

Aunt Barbie in the ghetto? That was my favorite part of the whole story! :) Jeremy is a brave, tough man. Wade would have squealed like a pig and ran for his life. I don't even want to think of what I would have done. That's GROW-DEE!!!!

Kristi said...

Ok Barb - I am definitely going to need a son-in-law like that some day!!!!!

Yikes - I know what you mean about the bionic nose - I've inherited one myself - not a blessing in your situation!!!!

Hope you had a great birthday!