Monday, July 23, 2007

A Little Hello From Brian

I know that you are wondering just how he grew his hair so long so quickly. After all, he just shaved his head the other day. Jill and Wade brought this back for him from Jamaica and he delights in scaring Lucy and Byron. For some reason (I just don't know why) they are both afraid of this hat. Lucy kind of laughs until he comes too close but Byron screams and runs.

The real reason I have put his photo here is because he has some news. After searching for months he has accepted a job offer in Baltimore. He will be teaching high school Spanish in an all-boy private school. Funny, he never pictured himself teaching but found that he enjoyed it while teaching English as a second language in Spain. They came up with a package he couldn't refuse so he will be moving in August. He will begin on August 27th but needs to go a few weeks ahead to find a place to live and such.

The great thing is.....he now has given notice to Hynix. He just couldn't wait to quit that his words with head hung low and hunched over "Mom, I'm just a cart pusher. Could you write me a note like high school to tell them not to make me do it?"


Barb said...

Hey Brian man. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you in Baltimore man. Wow, congrats on the new job. Sounds like a great opportunity. I love how Kyla is looking over your shoulder and laughing.
Love ya man,
Auntie Barb

Loretta said...

Kyla is definitely laughing at you Bry. I could do a little hair styling if you would like. After all - it is my passion. Luv ya!