Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Look Who's 5 Today!

I can't believe that five years ago today, at 3 in the morning, a little 2 lb, 15 oz, girl blessed our family. Who would have known (except God) that this little angel, who was not given any hope of survival - she's missing part of her brain after all, would turn into this spirited, life-filled blessing of a little girl. She is grinning ear to ear this morning, showing everyone how big and tall she is now that she is five! God is so good - with so many lessons for us all! She says she will be 99 when she grows up, whe wants to be a mom with 5 kids and she will retire this year! Lexie is definitley singing her life song!


Vonda said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Lexie! We are so happy you are in our family and so proud of how smart and funny you are. What a little doll that is also a little impish tease.

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Miss Lexie!!! Aunt Barb and Uncle Rick and all your cousins say Have a great day! Blow out your candles and make a wish. We love you!

Loretta said...

Lexi girl - I love you!