Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Me Today

Me before work begins

AHHHHHHH! After my cup of herbal tea.
Sisters, how are you today?


Loretta said...

Wow - for a moment I thought that was me looking back at me then I realized I don't have a beautiful pink shirt and even if I did it wouldn't fit (most of my clothes ar tooooo tight). I definitley look just like that in the am before I ahve my coffe, yogart, granola, bagel, then on to cookies, chips and at last to top it off ice cream. Then I begin thinking whats for lunch and maybe an inbetween snack. You know, just a little something to tide me over. Anyway, I love you!!!

Kristi said...


I showed Addie your picture and she said - make Aunt Vonda do that again!!!!

Vonda said...

You know Kristi the rumor is that your nose keeps on growing forever. This kind of gives you an idea of what a purty little wench I will be if my nose keeps getting bigger.

And Loretta, I relate. I swear food is the first thing that pops in my mind. Perhaps someone should cut my tongue out.

Love you guys.

Barb said...

So what kind of "herb" is in your tea to put on such a happy face? Hope all is well at the hacienda, it looks like Wade is keeping Dave on task with the deck. I may borrow him for Rick's shed project. He poured the foundation last summer and so far this summer we now have two deep holes dug for some porch addition - no shed mind you but it sounds like the holes are coming along fine. Yikes! I want desperatley to just hire someone to come in and build it in a week. Wouldn't that be a loverly anniversary present for him? Mmmmmm. Have a great day!

Jill said...

Mom, you're hysterical!