Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Memory Tuesday

Have you ever wondered how you might look to unsuspecting neighbors? For some reason an event keeps popping in my head of one ridiculous event that happened to me out of I must admit, many.

It was winter and I was almost seven months pregnant with Kelli. Living in Baker of course there was snow and ice. This was one of those days where the snow had melted somewhat during the day leaving water that had melted then froze into a nice sheen of ice before my arrival home from work that evening. Dave's dad happened to be meeting us there for some forgotten reason. I was wearing a dress that day and I pulled up in the driveway, hopped out oh so gracefully swinging my big belly around for momentum. Thinking it looked "just like a little dampness" on our sidewalk below our living room window, I didn't slow down or put my "caution" antennae up. That is until too late. As I stepped onto the ice beneath our huge window, I began to slide, my legs slowly spreading apart. If you can imagine this, to keep my balance I just stopped and let them slide to a slow split, just like I always wished I could do in high school. Didn't want to fall hard and hurt my baby you know. Such a kind and protective mother I was. So as I am stuck in this stupid position with neighbors driving by waving, I holler for Dave, who was inside with his dad. They came out and hoisted me back up on my feet and I waddled into the house. My father-in-law made the cutesy remark "Well that little baby now has seen the light of day". Wise acre!

So for the next several months I walked like I had been in the saddle for just a little too long. No wonder Kelli was born two weeks early. Later my neighbor across the street told me she was watching and laughing the whole time but didn't think she could make it over in time to help. Yeah, right Pat.


Kristi said...

Here is another memory for you - do you recall climbing up on the porch railing, ripping down your wind chimes in the middle of the night when you were big and pregnant? Or was that just a dream? Tee Hee!