Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sister Lips

Good Morning Ya'll - here is my first addition to the redneck photos - aint we sisters a site for sore eyes? No wonder our men picked us - they couldn't help themselves!!! They are sooooooooooooooooo lucky - golly gee!!!! Heah Heah Heah!


Vonda said...

Wow! Are we beautiful or what? I love my lips painted with such high peaks. John was so touched to have his lovely sisters painted up for him and to get a big kiss for his 40th!

Loretta said...

Touched or teched? It's my understanding from his lovely wife that he still has a problem with bright, red lipstick. I can't imagine why - oh the times when mom left for town. Weren't they just fun?????? I will just bet John still finds red lipstick on his ears or neck from our frivilous fun - hmmm!