Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Snakey Deck of a Weekend

Yikes! Wade is a very, very, very brave, no I mean crazy. Look at what we found curled up in one of our skylights, the same skylight about three years ago that we found an identical snake. Dave sealed all of the skylights off with caulk so I don't know how in the world it got in but it was enjoying a nice little sun bath and was lethargic just like the last one. Now mind you this is NOT the snake that I found in our living room underneath the windows in the sun about one year ago. That snake came in through our bathroom floor which was open while in the remodel phase and although it looked like the same kind of snake it was definitely NOT lethargic. Of course I was home alone that day and it was very fast. The thing slithered against the walls, under furniture and out again all the while I am chasing it with a pair of BBQ tongs, you know the LOOOOONG ones. I had more adrenalin than a wrestler on steroids. You should have seen my furniture fly as I chased it, flipping the couch, love seat and recliners over. I am not really afraid of snakes in general but I am not a big fan either, especially when I have to catch it. When I finally caught it I went out on the deck with it, shaking, and hurled it clear out over our fence into the field. I think it went so far that it shed its skin while in the air. Funny thing is at that time I had what I called baby elbow, the tendon over my right elbow was really sore from holding two little grand babies. When hurling that snake I never felt a thing. That is, until after I calmed down which took a good couple of hours and after chewing Dave's ear out over the phone. Picture a howling hag saying that he better do something about the gaping floor problem or he and his snakes would be living here by themselves.

Here is what we were doing this weekend. Dave and Wade tore out our front rotting deck. Now Dave has to begin to rebuild it. There were some creepy things under the skeleton of a cat, we are assuming was our cat who disappeared several years ago. Poor cat. We never even smelled anything.

Here are Dave and Wade hard at work. Thanks guys! Wade I owe you that Pioneer Woman's chocolate cake. Coming soon!

Oh, and me? What did I do this weekend? I had Byron and Lucy overnight on Friday night which was fun even though they kept me running. Then Lucy spent one more night and her dad picked her up Sunday morning. Dave spent some time with his dad so his mom could go to church so I thought I would mow our lawn. Well the riding lawn mower battery was dead so I decided to mow it with our push mower. Four hours later I come staggering in covered in grass, dirt, sweat barely able to walk. Now I remember why we have a riding lawn mower. An acre of lawn, little hills, and hot flashes in 85 degree weather just don't blend well. Of course Kelli who was here doing her laundry smiles coolly at me as I come crawling in. Punk!


Jill said...

Mom, you crack me up. You are the most stubborn, determined person in the world to mow that much lawn with a push mower!!! :) You never fail to make me laugh. Oh, and I don't doubt for one moment that Kelli smiled cooly as she worked her biceps folding her underwear.