Friday, July 6, 2007

A View From the Garden

These blueberry bushes are where Dave and I (mostly Dave) have been spending many hours lately. These berries are from a bush I just picked from two days ago....and they were green then. I think we are going around in circles. The never ending production of berries this year is fantastic. There is a doe that has figured out how to get in the patch and Dave is determined to be the first to get the berries. I just say, share...not worth the few she will eat. Last year the starlings came by the hundreds and wiped out a good portion of our berries. This year they don't seem to be around so much.

So far I have washed and frozen eight gallons. This big bowl I left sitting on my counter this morning. Dave just keeps on picking. Now you know why I am not out there picking as much as he is. I have the lucky job of taking care of these. Sisters do you want some berries?

Here are my stargazer lilies. They should begin to bloom in a week or so. I can't wait because they smell so wonderful. Look how tall they are!

What is up with this dill? This pot has my elephant ears in it but you can see that a dill plant has ended up taking over. I didn't plant this but decided when it appeared to leave it to see what it did. I planted some dill in the raised beds but they are not doing anything like this. Crazy!

Here is the herb garden that I have not had any time to work in this year. I haven't even had a chance to weed it. The rabbits and deer have eaten some volunteer dill plants which I don't care about. I have an artichoke growing just for fun and my chives, lemon balm and oregano are doing great. BUT....

Look at this monster rosemary bush. I trimmed this back in February and it has become huge again. Again, anyone for rosemary?

Here is a view of this years raised beds. Dave is given all of the credit. He loves to putter and so do I but I don't have time this year with taking care of grand babies so much. He has a green thumb.

Our beets are doing great but really need a thinning.

Tomatoes just need some more hot weather like we have been having and they will grow and blossom like crazy. They always do. Brian loves tomatoes and when we were talking about what to plant his vote was to fill up the whole thing with tomatoes. However, we learned a few years back to listen to him but maybe not take his advice. He planted about eight pear tomato plants and we had tomatoes all over the place.

OK, so maybe we need to be harvesting our lettuce a little more. Yum!

Usually Dave grows bush beans but I love pole beans the best. So I convinced him to try it. Although it is a bit more labor intensive, didn't he do a great job. They are climbing high. I can't wait to taste the first batch of fresh green beans.

Carrots. Ummmmm maybe a little thinning is needed here! You can hardly see the radishes he planted on the left. This is the second planting of radishes.

Oh the strawberries. This is the third time they have grown back. The deer have managed to eat the tops, flowers and berries down to nothing twice, the tricksters. Dave finally has it figured out...he built a frame and put chicken wire all around it. They are beautiful now. Hope the berries will come back. They are supposed to be ever bearing.

Speaking of deer. Look what they did to my largest and oldest rose bush. It is tall and if you notice has no leaves from the bottom all they way to the top. The only reason it has any is because they can't reach them but I have seen them stand on their hind legs to eat our grapes from the arbor so I expect that they will figure this one out if they want.

Poor rose bush. But aren't the flowers pretty anyway?

There there is this monster. Lemon grass that really, really like this spot. It need to move it next year. It is taking over..........


Loretta said...

Oh my goodness! I have never seen such beautiful plants. I am in awe. I look forward to someday when I can try to plant a few things. I would love some of the spoils but don't know when I will get to come to Eugene - hopefully within the next couple of months. Have been very sick with bronchitis and can't seem to shake it. Tore up my knee too - Ahh the golden years. Aren't they wonderful (Fat, ugly, clumsy and blissfully ignorant)?

Rechelle said...

Whoa - I thought gardens like this only existed in magazines. Had no idea they were REAL!