Wednesday, July 18, 2007


For days now I keep seeing things and doing things that I ask myself "WHY".

For instance, see this planter hanging on our gazebo. Obviously the flowers are dead and have been all season. I look at them every day and see them as I am watering all the live flowers (nope I don't water these). WHY? I keep making a note to myself to take this down and fill with flowers but it is still there.

See this cake mix. WHY would anyone want to eat this cake? I choose to call it the plastic cake because the little colored flecks used to be (or maybe still are) that waxy candy. YUK! But Jill and Kelli just love this. In fact Jill asked for it for her birthday in cupcake form. She thinks they taste better. Both Jill and Kelli said it is just a little bit of heaven when they were eating them.

See this deer? Well yes he is cute, pretty and what have you. But we call these deer our dogs. They come up to the house, paw at the ground until they have dug a round circle in the bark mulch, turn around and around like a dog and lay down every day. WHY? Of all the property and forest behind us, they keep coming every day. I have decided that I need to teach them to bark so maybe they will keep the deer away. Oh wait, they are the deer.

Oh! I forgot to mention that they spy on us.

And look at this very strange chicken....the one laying down. See how tiny she is? WHY? The other chickens surrounding her were purchased at the same time and look how much larger they are. But that is not the real WHY question. Tell me why she only takes three or four steps and then has to fluff herself up and lay down. She looks and acts like she needs to be fanned with a palm leaf and fed grapes off a platter. And no she doesn't seem to be in any pain, limping or such. She simply acts pampered.

Look at this picture. Yep, turkey crap on our diving board. WHY do they crap on a diving board? It's not like they take a swim or anything. In fact, WHY do they crap at all around our house? Crudballs.

Then there is Brian's head. No, not why does he have a head but WHY does he think his hair is long at about 1/8th of an inch? You can barely see any hair poking through his scalp when he either shaves it himself or has it cut by a barber. Lucky barber making money on cutting nothing.

And the last WHY for today is something I never thought about until last summer. I always turn my deodorant upside down in the basket it resides in. No this is not a liquid but a solid. Kyla asked me that one day last summer. WHY do I do that? WHY?


Karen K. said...

I don't know the answer to any of your "Why's" but you sure gave me a good laugh. I loved the deer spying on you and the pampered chicken...actually I loved all of it! Will you write my blog please!

Loretta said...

Hey Vonda! Just do like I do and get out that lawn mower (not the riding one) and put it on the diving board - you can get rid of that turkey pooh in nothing flat and no one will ever know unless of course they are in the pool at the time!