Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Hero!

I love the Food Network. I have to be careful about watching it on a weekend because if I turn the TV on, I will get all caught up watching the Food Network for hours. It is very addictive for me. I tell myself I could cook like those people, NOT.

Actually I have a few favorites but my hero is Paula Deen. I love that she is a little chubby, cooks with butter and mayonnaise, doesn't count calories, and I really like her cheesy southern ways.

I want to be her best friend. Maybe she will come to my house and cook my every meal. So I have this plan.

See here are her sons. Jamie on the right is married, so scratch him out of my plan. However, Bobby on the left is single. So I am going to write to Paula to tell her that I want Bobby to marry my Kelli. That way, we can cook together. Isn't that a good plan? Course Kelli doesn't know that is OUR my plan. I wonder when she sees this blog if she will agree. Wanna bet sisters?

Might I be delusional?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Loving Memory

August 26, 1979 - January 1, 1998

Today is the day to celebrate and remember the birthday of a sweet young man who just happens to be Loretta's son. Of course he is no longer here for me to wrap my arms around and wish him the best day but I like to believe that he sees the candle I light to honor his memory as I say a prayer for him.

Pres was a special and talented young man who loved his family, especially his mom and brother more than anything. He had a loving and tender heart and we all miss him terribly.

Loretta, I hope you know my heart, thoughts and prayers are with you this day as in every day.

I love you!

Purple Thumb

I know at least one of you sisters will see this purple thumb and know what caused it - it will make you foam at the mouth and start writhing in your seat.

And then there is this picture - hold on Vonda:

I know Vonda is now doing the Huckleberry Happy Dance all around her house! But, hold on big sister - wait, come back - you forgot to pack - your still in your pajamas - Vonda COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to disappoint you too much but this was a few weeks ago. Huckleberries were very hard to find this year - no really! We had to go to places we've never gone before - like a Star Trek movie - to find these! Actually, we had to go about 2 hours into the mountains - much deeper than usual. Our usual places had the plants but not a sign of a huckleberry, purple, green, dried up or otherwise! Once we found this place - this little oasis of huckleberries - oh baby - watch out!

Caught ya!!!! Really Mom, I'm not eating them, I'm putting them "into" my container!

O.K - got me, I had just one or two.

There is one or two in my container too Mom - no that is not purple on my mouth - I have no idea what you are talking about!

These guys - I don't know why they are wasting their time picking, when you can play on the logs! Besides, I'm sure Mom and Dad have some in their bowl that I could eat.

Then there is the huckleberry meltdown - when someone has snuck one or two many huckleberries:

Hey, check out the little friend sitting next to Lexie - no, he hasn't had any huckleberries either!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Big Black Lemon

Here is a photo of our refrigerator or should I say the big black lemon. When we moved her six year ago we bought a top of the line refrigerator from Sears thinking that it would last a while. From the beginning it did not work right. The center bar between the doors was always hot and the ice maker always froze up and didn't work right.

Over the years we have had the ice maker replaced, a heater kit put in for the new ice maker which still not work right after installed, two condenser motors replaced, two new switches, and now the final straw....the compressor went out. After pouring hundreds of dollars into this beast we decided not to have it fixed yet again to the tune of $635.00.

We bought a new refrigerator but have been living out of these coolers for the past week. The new fridge will be delivered tomorrow...Yip Yip!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Memory Monday

Back in the day when Dave and I were dating it came time to introduce him to our family. Coming from a quite large family I wanted him to be prepared before entering the mad zone. Don't misunderstand me. Dave came from a family of four boys but their mom diligently made them go to church and tried to tame the wild beast in them. Our parents tried and were successful but gave up.

Let me explain. When a family of nine sits down to eat, you better grab the vittles or you might not get fed. Especially when our brothers were near. My dad had this thing about manners. He insisted that we learn to eat properly. No smacking, no teeth scraping the tines of the forks, asking to be excused and such. We used to hear "Slow down. You aren't going to a race". It worked well while he was home but he worked out of town so then, not so much.

I used to daydream a lot and while at the table, I used to imagine how we looked to other people. The image of pigs at a trough came up.

Part of my preparation for Dave was to warn him about the way we ate. My thinking was that if he heard something quite outlandish that he would be relieved when he actually met our family. So I told him that my dad and mom gave up on the dinner/manners thing and dad built a pig trough around the edges of the table. Mom would then just slop pour our food in the trough and we could go at 'er. Of course he said he didn't believe me and I lied so well with a straight face and told him to just wait and see.
See, this photo of a pig trough might actually look quite good on the edge of a table. It could have happened you know. Well the day came and we entered through the kitchen door. I was watching Dave out of the corner of my eye and just as I thought, the first place his eyes landed was the kitchen table looking for that trough. The next expression was a visible relief. I still laugh and tease him as I did that day when I remember his face. I must give it to him. He still married me after all of that and meeting my family too.

Look, I googled for pig troughs and see these guys. It really isn't just my imagination.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Kristi and Pat. Hope your day was wonderful and that you got to do something fun. I love you both.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pickles and Flowers

I want to remember the beauty and smell before it is over. They are just about through blooming.

These lillies are from a potted plant that Jill and Wade gave me last year on mothers day. I transplanted them and they bloomed late. They smell like jasmine and are so pretty!

I took a vacation day today. This is what I did.....canned dill pickles. I didn't get a chance last summer. I actually love to can but wish I had more time to do it. In fact I wish I more time to do most things in life. Never enough time.

I have Lucy tonight. Emmy had a sleep over so I will pick her up tomorrow for a birthday party for Tailen, one of her Evans cousins. She hasn't seen them in a while and said she is looking forward to the party.

Hope all of you are having a good weekend. I am looking forward to the annual sisters/daughters vacation. This year at Wallowa Lake should be a nice change. Post please and let me know what you guys are up to!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Piggish Morning

Well sisters, here I sit at home, my eyes held open with toothpicks while Lucy sleeps. She had kind of a bad night and I don't know if it was a bad dream, an ear ache or something else but she didn't sleep well and so needless to say neither did I. However, she is sleeping now. I will probably go in later if she feels OK. But in the meantime I have a gift for you.

Pig Squeal from vonda and Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have been tagged on the Wee Ones site by Lindsay and Jill to provide 8 facts about me. So now come on now it's your turn.

OK --- Kelli, Barb, Loretta, Kristi, Karen K., April Showers, Country Doctors Wife you have been tagged. Share 8 facts with us about yourself! Then tag 8 other people! Have fun!

Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day Of Remembrance

May 3, 1978 - August 13, 2006

I am remembering Kyla as she was when a child. A child tender of feelings, loving and sweet. Somewhat contemplative as you can see above. She so loved her family not just then but so strongly as an adult.

She was so honored and proud when her grandmothers let her wear their jewelry at her wedding. Here she was dressed in her Gram Delpha's clothes and jewelry. As an adult she often told me how lucky she was to have such wonderful memories of her grandparents and wanted to create this for Lucy and Emma.

So how can Dave and I go wrong to continue on the tradition of grandparents for her two little girls? I believe we can only honor her by somehow being in their lives for as long as we can. See that fish? Her grandad Max made her feel like she was the most amazing little person on earth when she caught this. She was right about those memories.

Sometimes I am amazed at what kind of a person she was and at how much she taught me. Of course I only see things in hindsight as most people do. So I only hope that we can all see and love and appreciate each person in our lives for who they are....not who we think they should be.

I won't forget.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Waiting!!

I just wanted to pop in and let all you lovlies know I'm still out here!!!! And little Jilly Bean - I am so glad to read your response to the blog. Who else but one of us would truly enjoy and appreciate the escapades. Oh, and by the way, tell Wade he married one of us so guess what - he is one of us - weird or not!!!!That lucky boy. Anyway hope all of you ladies are having a great weekend and I will blog soon.

Love Me!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saga III: The Last Day

First off, I must make a comment about my driving skills. Yes I agree that I have a few small issues when it comes to driving, especially since I am directionally challenged. In fact, don't tell me East, West, North or South. Just tell me right and left and give me land marks. I just hope I don't ever lose the ability to know my right from my left side. This is why my husband bought me a car with a little doo-hickey that tells me what direction I am driving in. So if he calls me and tells me to go North, I can just say "Hold on while I point my car in that direction".

I only have a few other issues with driving that began very young. I seem to remember an incident where I backed out of Barb's garage many years ago in HER car and bumped (translate to hit) the side of the car on garage. I think the garage moved as I was backing out. I had to laugh at April Showers little blog this morning. This so sounds like me and I am glad there are more people that do things like this.

So Sunday morning we decided to go to church with Loretta and then she would take us to see the house they are purchasing. The church service was very nice and only one minor incident that I can think of happened. A nice gentleman that Loretta knows seemed to think Barb was Loretta's mother and was so embarrassed when he found out his mistake that God sent him home. At least he disappeared shortly after that.

Here is the house that Loretta and Ralph are buying. Little Schelly was so proud of it she was showing me all around and telling me to be careful to not let spiders in.

Here we are on the porch steps. Loretta's real estate agent took our picture because she just couldn't believe the beauty times three.

Then Loretta drives us to one of her favorite spots on the beach. Here she is evilly grinning as she buckles in and puts her car in four wheel drive. I wondered why she thought she needed to four wheel it. However, I didn't have to wonder long. She barrelled out on to the beach down cliffs, over drift wood, sand castles and a few fishermen. Some people say that I have driving issues.... We sped past a truck stuck in the sand and I was just a tad bit frightened.

But I wasn't the only one. If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will see tears in Schelly's eyes. I joined her.

Here you see the after effects of Barb. She is trying to fix her hair, not from the wind on the coast but from the ride.

Little Schelly checking out a few shells. I think she was contemplating the ride home. I do believe she mentioned that she was searching for a place to put up a tent rather than ride in the car.

After the great beach adventure where we saw a flock of pelicans, we were driven back to Loretta's house. Ralph had gone tuna fishing the day before and gave each of us a package of fresh tuna. Speaking of Ralph, he is quite the chef. He had cooked some tuna the night before and we tasted it after we got home from dinner. It was so delicious! He found out we didn't have dessert so he felt sorry for us. He wanted us to take it back to our motel to snack on all night. I wonder why he thinks we eat all the time? HMMMM.

Here are Ralph, Loretta and Schelly posing for us before we leave. Thanks for letting us bombard you for the weekend guys. We love you!

Oh! And here we all are. Ralph had to use a wide angle lens to get us in here. As we were leaving I blew him a kiss and he just had this funny confused look on his face as he waved. Poor Ralph.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Saga II - And the Real Fun Begins!

Well I have decided to continue with Vonda's saga from the point where they arrived in Astoria, settled in and met up with me. You are definitely not going to believe all the wonderful things that happened to the three musketeer sisters (4th musketeer - where are you?). Well Vonda and Barb meet me at my house at approximately 6:30 to have a night on the town without our wonderful spouses or children (you know, the kind of night on the town where you get down dirty, wicked and wild). Vonda, with her memory fully in tact, tells me the guy at the motel told them about a really good place to eat but if only she could remember the name. I, of course, having lived in this area for almost a year, have eaten at darned near every eatery there is to be found. I am so small, lithe and malnourished that I simply must eat at every place there is to maintain my girlish figure. I know, I know - some people are politely calling it pleasingly plump, or full-figured but I prefer to call it curvy and voluptuous. So, not having a clear name to call it, I definitely remember the place she is describing and we pull into the parking lot. Barb all the while very subtly referring to their adventures of the day. Upon entering the establishment, we have a few minutes to wait and do our routine laughing and talking until being seated. I am quite sure the hostess was hustling as fast as she could so that the other patrons of the establishment would have some semblance of peace. Anyway we enjoy each others company and finish. We go to the front to pay for our lovely meal and I, being the tiny person that I am, turn to exit, run face to knee cap, into a very tall lady who is obviously quite agitated that I have run into her. I excuse myself, apologize, and exit. Barb and Vonda are directly behind me mumbling something about that very tall lady being quite rude, when I hear what I believe to be a shoe scuffing against the pavement. Vonda begins to laugh, all the while saying, Gee Barb, you hog. Then I realize it - that sound was not someones shoes, but my beloved sister, Barbara, with an uncontrolled flatulence. Now mind you, we have not been drinking but we might as well have been, because when I turn to look at Barb and Vonda I discover that the very large lady and her companions are directly behind Barbara. I can imagine how she must have thought that we were three young, voluptuous ladies, from Baker City, Oregon, where it is only the polite thing to do in showing how much you have enjoyed your meal by erupting with gaseous noises rather than belching like they do in other countries. Well as you might imagine, we were laughing so hard we could hardly stand it. We then continued home and when I walked in the door my daughter stated, daddy said you were going to be out until sometime in the early morning, painting the town - what kind of paint mommy? I told her it was brown.

Well I will let Vonda and Barb continue with the saga. I love you all!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Bo Diddly and Blue Suede Shoes

So there I am sitting in my car in the parking lot on my lunch hour minding my own business trying to have a bite of lunch and read the paper when along comes, you guessed it Bo Diddly. It's 85 degrees outside so of course my windows are down, there's no avoiding the "gentleman" who strolls up to my window and begins an informal chat about how he's has been saved, how he loves Jesus and how the good Lord has always taken care of him, providing him with a meal (the Mission) and worship (the Mission) and he just loves Jesus! I'm glad for him, really I am, but he goes on and on and on. After that introduction to "I've got religion" he explains to me that his name is Bo Diddly. (I might interject here that he is three sheets to the wind wobbling and and weaving with a cigarette hanging from his fingers for emphasis - come to think of it he never did take a puff - it was just hanging there.) He has a good old boy southern accent so Bo Diddly isn't so far fetched but wait there's more, he can sing like Elvis Presley, his favorite rendition - you guessed it "Blue Suede Shoes". (And here he sings a few lines.) He sings on campus and the students tell him "Bo you drink too much, you've got to stop with the wine." But no matter he's got a "gift", can't read or write but the good Lord gave him a gift - He can sing!!!! (And another bar of "Blue Suede Shoes.") About this time a volunteer from work drives by on the riding lawn mower and waves, God love him. Bo proceeded to tell me a little know fact: "You cannot swim in wine, you will literally sink, he's tried it when he lived in California by a vineyard and yes it's true you cannot swim in wine." A little know fact that I'm just going to have to trust. Finally I had to get to work so goodbye Bo, God bless, yes Jesus loves you too and I'm out of my car and walking back to work. Moral: Always be on your best you never know what famous celeb you'll run into and oh yes, Jesus loves you!

Vonda and Barb's Excellent Adventure

Barb and I went to visit Loretta this weekend in Astoria. For some reason we just can't seem to do these things without me making a complete fool of myself. This will bore some of you so I will break the great adventure into several posts. Besides, I have to give Barb and Loretta a chance to defend themselves. Some unmentioned sisters would say that all of this is MY fault but I beg to differ. I will only tell from my point of view.

So Saga 1: I was given the responsibility of making a room reservation. Well OK, I volunteered but only because Barb cried and writhed on the floor. I did OK considering it was Thursday night. Last minute. Calling all over the place. A weekend night. In the summer. During the busiest of the tourist season. I finally found a room that fit our budget, reserved it with my debit card, wrote down the name on the back of the VCR users guide and left it on the coffee table before going to bed. Now some of you would ask why I didn't transfer the name of the motel to a piece of paper with clear beautiful handwriting. Well maybe it is because I always say to myself, "Oh, I'll remember that" or "I'll do that before I leave in the morning" after I water all the plants, pack my suitcase in 5 seconds flat, read the paper, do a load of laundry, feed and water the chickens, etc. Do you see a pattern here of maybe a little ADHD? Speaking of chickens one of our hens broke her leg somehow and the others were pecking her so Dave had to do a little "Great White Chicken Hunter" murder while I was away. Of course I tell him before I walk out the door that he has a little fun job to do then escape. But another story another time.

Because I am so organized and have so much free time because of said organization, I threw my stuff in the car only an hour late and began my trip to town. In the mean time Dave is getting ready to leave the house and I call him on the cell phone because I realized that I left the name of our motel at home. I asked him to read it to me and he took one look and couldn't even make out the beginning letter. Said it looked like a B or a D. So then "AHA!" I remember now ..... it begins with a B or a D. Astoria isn't that big....I'll find it. So I get almost all the way to town and realize I also left my debit card on the coffee table the night before. I tried calling home but Dave had left already. So because I needed money for gas and stuff, I turned around and drove all eleven miles back home, found the debit card and went to pick up Barb. So I was only another forty five minutes late. Now folks, really I hate being late so this must explain why I didn't look at the name of the motel while I was picking up my debit card OFF of the manual that I scribbled it down on.

After picking up Barb we began our journey and I had to sheepishly admit that I made reservations, they are guaranteed, but I don't know the name of the motel or where it is in Astoria. But it's small, how hard can it be? Barb just rolled her eyes. Well after taking an unfamiliar route to the coast because darn it, it is an excellent adventure, we get to a small town near Tillamook. Don't ask me the name because both of us were abducted by aliens by this point and were directionally challenged after our release. Barb had to use the restroom because her bladder is shrinking in her old age and had been patiently (or not) waiting for me to find a place to stop. So we spot a Dairy Queen with a bunch of cars parked in front and peel out cutting across the oncoming coastal traffic and screech to a stop in front of the building. We walk up to the door and it is kind of dark inside, but hey, it might be those tinted windows. Umm there are cobwebs on the door and it still didn't register. After all, there are cars parked all around. Well the door is locked and that is when it hit us......Uh it's closed down, looks like it has been for quite some time. So we return to the car, or I should say Barb crawls bent over to keep from wetting herself.

So we went on to the next town and stopped in to have a late lunch of delicious sea food and so Barb could use the facilities. After all we went to the coast so we must have sea food. This lovely establishment served up the best (NOT) fish sandwich. MMMMM, all the way to the coast to eat at McDonalds.

Long story short, we arrive in Astoria and began to drive through the town looking for the motel that began with a B or a D. Didn't see the one that I am now sure that I will recognize once I see the name. I finally give up and pull into a Safeway parking lot to look at the yellow pages of the phone book. Of course there are two phone books and Barb had to man one and I the other because each of them had a different set of pages we needed torn out. I just hate that when people tear out the address page to get where they want. Don't you? Well couldn't find a familiar name so gave up and called home again and Kelli answered the phone. Thank God I have a daughter that can kinda, sorta make out hen scratching. She read me the letters on the pamphlet and we determined that the first word was Astoria. Good we were in the right town. The second word she couldn't really make out but it seemed like River. OK, so now I just knew it was River View Motel. So I called and the girl answering the phone said "Nope" I don't have a registration for you. Don't you just hate that when you make and reservation and then don't remember where?" Grrrr. The only other place with River in it was Astoria Rivershore Motel. Because my memory is so very good for addresses and phone numbers and I have no pen to write with I tore out that yellow page and took it with us. Don't you just hate that when people tear out the address page to get where they want? I do.

We finally find the motel, which is of course kind of a little bit of a dive. After all nothing else was available at the last moment. As I am checking in my car alarm goes off. Barb says she just opened the door and it went off, but I don't buy that. I think she was tired of waiting for me probably because she had to use the bathroom again. But even though I told the guy at the counter that sounded like my car alarm, I just shrugged and went on finding out good places to eat. That is until Barb slunk in needing the keys to make it stop.

Moral of this story: Don't ever wait until the last moment to make a reservation on the coast, take a bus, don't ride with older sister who has small bladder, or just to sum it up, don't ever let Vonda do the planning.

Stay tuned for Saga II tomorrow.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Need a Good Laugh?

Make sure to come watch this video whenever you feel blue, scared, sad, happy....oh heck, anytime. I laughed throughout the whole thing and it takes a few minutes to watch. You just simply cannot help it. I dare you not to laugh.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Double Hockey Sticks

Have you ever wondered about the way little children think? Dave and I were talking this morning and he told me about a childhood memory of his that made me laugh so much I almost ran off the road like mom while we were on our way to work. He was such a funny little naive kid and was raised SOOO unlike us that I can picture this so clearly.

In his family there was nary a profane word spoken, at least by his mom. I think his dad may have said a thing or two but not much. When he was in early grade school, around second or third grade, a new boy arrived at school. This new boy apparently wanted to attract a little attention to ease the new kid jitters. His last name was Hale and he proceeded to tell Dave that his last name was spelled H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (the little boy's words). AND the reason it was spelled like that was because his family cussed A LOT!

Well Dave said he was simply aghast. Horrified. He said he thought "I have finally met "ONE OF THEM". What makes me laugh about this story is imagining Dave and his reaction. It's a good thing he didn't meet our family back then because you know we were considered "ONE OF THEM". Not that we kids used profanity but boy oh boy our momma could turn a blue streak red. Heathens we were.