Monday, August 6, 2007

Bo Diddly and Blue Suede Shoes

So there I am sitting in my car in the parking lot on my lunch hour minding my own business trying to have a bite of lunch and read the paper when along comes, you guessed it Bo Diddly. It's 85 degrees outside so of course my windows are down, there's no avoiding the "gentleman" who strolls up to my window and begins an informal chat about how he's has been saved, how he loves Jesus and how the good Lord has always taken care of him, providing him with a meal (the Mission) and worship (the Mission) and he just loves Jesus! I'm glad for him, really I am, but he goes on and on and on. After that introduction to "I've got religion" he explains to me that his name is Bo Diddly. (I might interject here that he is three sheets to the wind wobbling and and weaving with a cigarette hanging from his fingers for emphasis - come to think of it he never did take a puff - it was just hanging there.) He has a good old boy southern accent so Bo Diddly isn't so far fetched but wait there's more, he can sing like Elvis Presley, his favorite rendition - you guessed it "Blue Suede Shoes". (And here he sings a few lines.) He sings on campus and the students tell him "Bo you drink too much, you've got to stop with the wine." But no matter he's got a "gift", can't read or write but the good Lord gave him a gift - He can sing!!!! (And another bar of "Blue Suede Shoes.") About this time a volunteer from work drives by on the riding lawn mower and waves, God love him. Bo proceeded to tell me a little know fact: "You cannot swim in wine, you will literally sink, he's tried it when he lived in California by a vineyard and yes it's true you cannot swim in wine." A little know fact that I'm just going to have to trust. Finally I had to get to work so goodbye Bo, God bless, yes Jesus loves you too and I'm out of my car and walking back to work. Moral: Always be on your best you never know what famous celeb you'll run into and oh yes, Jesus loves you!


Vonda said...

You seem to be a babe magnet Barb. I think that perhaps swimming in a wine vat would be a good recreation for all of us....even though I don't drink.

Jill said...

Sorry, Aunt Barb--that was Wade on a binder. Hope he didn't offend, but he sure loves Jesus! heh heh heh!!!

Loretta said...

Oh my - I love Jesus too! I hope Bo saves a place (in the wine vat as well) beside Jesus. I can just picture Bo singing Blue Suede Shoes - although I wonder if he jumped in the air and clicked his heals? Hmm - something to ponder. Anyway - It sometimes just doesn't pay to mind your own business at lunchtime!