Monday, August 13, 2007

A Day Of Remembrance

May 3, 1978 - August 13, 2006

I am remembering Kyla as she was when a child. A child tender of feelings, loving and sweet. Somewhat contemplative as you can see above. She so loved her family not just then but so strongly as an adult.

She was so honored and proud when her grandmothers let her wear their jewelry at her wedding. Here she was dressed in her Gram Delpha's clothes and jewelry. As an adult she often told me how lucky she was to have such wonderful memories of her grandparents and wanted to create this for Lucy and Emma.

So how can Dave and I go wrong to continue on the tradition of grandparents for her two little girls? I believe we can only honor her by somehow being in their lives for as long as we can. See that fish? Her grandad Max made her feel like she was the most amazing little person on earth when she caught this. She was right about those memories.

Sometimes I am amazed at what kind of a person she was and at how much she taught me. Of course I only see things in hindsight as most people do. So I only hope that we can all see and love and appreciate each person in our lives for who they are....not who we think they should be.

I won't forget.


Jill said...

I miss her so much. I couldn't even make myself go up to her memorial today, it was too hard. I can't wait until I see her again.

Oh, and the first picture you put up of Kyla reminds me of Emma...something about her mouth I think, and the shape of her face. Very cute!

Kelli said...

One thing I always loved about Kyla is that she truly loved and appreciated her family. Like wearing jewelry from both grandmothers at her wedding... what a way to show what they mean to her. I miss Kyla so deeply it hurts to think about it especially today. Luckily we have those little girls, and Lucy will not let us forget what Kyla looks like if we tried :)

Kristi said...

Kyla was such a good friend. As I feel about the rest of my Evan nieces, Kyla was truly much more of a little sister to me than a niece. I didn't just lose a niece, I lost a dear friend and sweet little sister. Someone who put others feeling before her own, someone who was spunky and had a deep passionate love for those in her life. Kyla, you are truly missed by all of us. We love you and our hearts are not the same without you.

Loretta said...
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Loretta said...

My darling, sweet angel neice. My eyes fill with tears as I look into your sweet face. You are so beautiful, both inside and out. I know that your pretty little angel wings carried you to heave to smile, dance, and sing with my beautiful son. I can see his face smiling as he takes your hand and tells you how glad he is to see you. Heaven sure has the best of the best. I love you! Now to my beautiful sister and sweet beautiful neices, Kelly and Jill - know that I love you and my heart is with all of you at this moment and always.

Aunt Loretta