Thursday, August 2, 2007

Double Hockey Sticks

Have you ever wondered about the way little children think? Dave and I were talking this morning and he told me about a childhood memory of his that made me laugh so much I almost ran off the road like mom while we were on our way to work. He was such a funny little naive kid and was raised SOOO unlike us that I can picture this so clearly.

In his family there was nary a profane word spoken, at least by his mom. I think his dad may have said a thing or two but not much. When he was in early grade school, around second or third grade, a new boy arrived at school. This new boy apparently wanted to attract a little attention to ease the new kid jitters. His last name was Hale and he proceeded to tell Dave that his last name was spelled H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS (the little boy's words). AND the reason it was spelled like that was because his family cussed A LOT!

Well Dave said he was simply aghast. Horrified. He said he thought "I have finally met "ONE OF THEM". What makes me laugh about this story is imagining Dave and his reaction. It's a good thing he didn't meet our family back then because you know we were considered "ONE OF THEM". Not that we kids used profanity but boy oh boy our momma could turn a blue streak red. Heathens we were.


Jill said...

There is no dad better than my dad in the entire world. I love him. :)