Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm Waiting!!

I just wanted to pop in and let all you lovlies know I'm still out here!!!! And little Jilly Bean - I am so glad to read your response to the blog. Who else but one of us would truly enjoy and appreciate the escapades. Oh, and by the way, tell Wade he married one of us so guess what - he is one of us - weird or not!!!!That lucky boy. Anyway hope all of you ladies are having a great weekend and I will blog soon.

Love Me!


Jill said...

Oh I agree, Aunt Loretta--I remind him daily that it was HIS idea to get married, NOT MINE!!! heh heh heh...besides, there had to be a little something wrong with him to want to marry a "weirdo" like me anyway. :)

Barb said...

Hey sis,
How's the new school? And is the house deal still a go? Waiting to hear - hope all is well. And Ralph we loved the tuna, thanks again!

Vonda said...

Oh I just had to laugh about this post because when I first glanced at it I thought it said "I just wanted to poop in" and with tears of emotions, silliness, and laughter I had a vivid memory of Barb and her blowing those old women out of the parking lot in Astoria. Too funny! Made my day Loretta, without meaning too.

I love you.