Sunday, August 26, 2007

In Loving Memory

August 26, 1979 - January 1, 1998

Today is the day to celebrate and remember the birthday of a sweet young man who just happens to be Loretta's son. Of course he is no longer here for me to wrap my arms around and wish him the best day but I like to believe that he sees the candle I light to honor his memory as I say a prayer for him.

Pres was a special and talented young man who loved his family, especially his mom and brother more than anything. He had a loving and tender heart and we all miss him terribly.

Loretta, I hope you know my heart, thoughts and prayers are with you this day as in every day.

I love you!


Loretta said...

Thank you so much for always remembering and always being there. I miss him so terribly and it doesnt seem to go away as you well know. Anyway I love you!