Monday, August 20, 2007

Memory Monday

Back in the day when Dave and I were dating it came time to introduce him to our family. Coming from a quite large family I wanted him to be prepared before entering the mad zone. Don't misunderstand me. Dave came from a family of four boys but their mom diligently made them go to church and tried to tame the wild beast in them. Our parents tried and were successful but gave up.

Let me explain. When a family of nine sits down to eat, you better grab the vittles or you might not get fed. Especially when our brothers were near. My dad had this thing about manners. He insisted that we learn to eat properly. No smacking, no teeth scraping the tines of the forks, asking to be excused and such. We used to hear "Slow down. You aren't going to a race". It worked well while he was home but he worked out of town so then, not so much.

I used to daydream a lot and while at the table, I used to imagine how we looked to other people. The image of pigs at a trough came up.

Part of my preparation for Dave was to warn him about the way we ate. My thinking was that if he heard something quite outlandish that he would be relieved when he actually met our family. So I told him that my dad and mom gave up on the dinner/manners thing and dad built a pig trough around the edges of the table. Mom would then just slop pour our food in the trough and we could go at 'er. Of course he said he didn't believe me and I lied so well with a straight face and told him to just wait and see.
See, this photo of a pig trough might actually look quite good on the edge of a table. It could have happened you know. Well the day came and we entered through the kitchen door. I was watching Dave out of the corner of my eye and just as I thought, the first place his eyes landed was the kitchen table looking for that trough. The next expression was a visible relief. I still laugh and tease him as I did that day when I remember his face. I must give it to him. He still married me after all of that and meeting my family too.

Look, I googled for pig troughs and see these guys. It really isn't just my imagination.


Jill said...

Ha ha, that's rad. I've married that now, as in the swine who should just give up using silverwear and bend over a trough for each meal. Not to mention the fact that I've given birth to his mini-me.

Kelli said...

Poor dad... that must have been a terrifying experience!