Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Piggish Morning

Well sisters, here I sit at home, my eyes held open with toothpicks while Lucy sleeps. She had kind of a bad night and I don't know if it was a bad dream, an ear ache or something else but she didn't sleep well and so needless to say neither did I. However, she is sleeping now. I will probably go in later if she feels OK. But in the meantime I have a gift for you.

Pig Squeal from vonda and Vimeo.


Kelli said...

Oh mom you are definitely one of a kind! That gives me great memories of my childhood days.

Jill said...

This little delight made me so happy, I had to make my own blog about it. I've missed the infamous pig squeal, and I really think you ought to do another answering machine greeting using this lovely voice.