Sunday, August 26, 2007

Purple Thumb

I know at least one of you sisters will see this purple thumb and know what caused it - it will make you foam at the mouth and start writhing in your seat.

And then there is this picture - hold on Vonda:

I know Vonda is now doing the Huckleberry Happy Dance all around her house! But, hold on big sister - wait, come back - you forgot to pack - your still in your pajamas - Vonda COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to disappoint you too much but this was a few weeks ago. Huckleberries were very hard to find this year - no really! We had to go to places we've never gone before - like a Star Trek movie - to find these! Actually, we had to go about 2 hours into the mountains - much deeper than usual. Our usual places had the plants but not a sign of a huckleberry, purple, green, dried up or otherwise! Once we found this place - this little oasis of huckleberries - oh baby - watch out!

Caught ya!!!! Really Mom, I'm not eating them, I'm putting them "into" my container!

O.K - got me, I had just one or two.

There is one or two in my container too Mom - no that is not purple on my mouth - I have no idea what you are talking about!

These guys - I don't know why they are wasting their time picking, when you can play on the logs! Besides, I'm sure Mom and Dad have some in their bowl that I could eat.

Then there is the huckleberry meltdown - when someone has snuck one or two many huckleberries:

Hey, check out the little friend sitting next to Lexie - no, he hasn't had any huckleberries either!


Vonda said...

Hey! I am so jealous. I did know that there were not many in the usual places but it looks like you found some. Next summer they had better be plentiful. But somewhere in Washington there were some because I bought a gallon from one of the farms here. They always get them in Washington and they seemed to have plenty. They cost $45.00 per gallon. However, I would have spent probably four times that amount driving to pick. At least that is how I justify it in my head. But there is nothing like sitting up in the Eagles picking berries all day long. I miss that.

Ha ha ha ha! The kids purple innocent faces crack me up. Did you know that this affliction never ends? At 32 Brian still eats more berries than he ever picks. I love Lexie's crying picture. Must have been time to go home.

Vonda said...

Oh and by the way when I first opened the blog and saw the purple thumb I thought you were going to document a gory thumb cut or something. However, as soon as I saw the bowl, I still was horrified. No not about blood but jealousy!