Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Saga III: The Last Day

First off, I must make a comment about my driving skills. Yes I agree that I have a few small issues when it comes to driving, especially since I am directionally challenged. In fact, don't tell me East, West, North or South. Just tell me right and left and give me land marks. I just hope I don't ever lose the ability to know my right from my left side. This is why my husband bought me a car with a little doo-hickey that tells me what direction I am driving in. So if he calls me and tells me to go North, I can just say "Hold on while I point my car in that direction".

I only have a few other issues with driving that began very young. I seem to remember an incident where I backed out of Barb's garage many years ago in HER car and bumped (translate to hit) the side of the car on garage. I think the garage moved as I was backing out. I had to laugh at April Showers little blog this morning. This so sounds like me and I am glad there are more people that do things like this.

So Sunday morning we decided to go to church with Loretta and then she would take us to see the house they are purchasing. The church service was very nice and only one minor incident that I can think of happened. A nice gentleman that Loretta knows seemed to think Barb was Loretta's mother and was so embarrassed when he found out his mistake that God sent him home. At least he disappeared shortly after that.

Here is the house that Loretta and Ralph are buying. Little Schelly was so proud of it she was showing me all around and telling me to be careful to not let spiders in.

Here we are on the porch steps. Loretta's real estate agent took our picture because she just couldn't believe the beauty times three.

Then Loretta drives us to one of her favorite spots on the beach. Here she is evilly grinning as she buckles in and puts her car in four wheel drive. I wondered why she thought she needed to four wheel it. However, I didn't have to wonder long. She barrelled out on to the beach down cliffs, over drift wood, sand castles and a few fishermen. Some people say that I have driving issues.... We sped past a truck stuck in the sand and I was just a tad bit frightened.

But I wasn't the only one. If you click on this picture to enlarge it, you will see tears in Schelly's eyes. I joined her.

Here you see the after effects of Barb. She is trying to fix her hair, not from the wind on the coast but from the ride.

Little Schelly checking out a few shells. I think she was contemplating the ride home. I do believe she mentioned that she was searching for a place to put up a tent rather than ride in the car.

After the great beach adventure where we saw a flock of pelicans, we were driven back to Loretta's house. Ralph had gone tuna fishing the day before and gave each of us a package of fresh tuna. Speaking of Ralph, he is quite the chef. He had cooked some tuna the night before and we tasted it after we got home from dinner. It was so delicious! He found out we didn't have dessert so he felt sorry for us. He wanted us to take it back to our motel to snack on all night. I wonder why he thinks we eat all the time? HMMMM.

Here are Ralph, Loretta and Schelly posing for us before we leave. Thanks for letting us bombard you for the weekend guys. We love you!

Oh! And here we all are. Ralph had to use a wide angle lens to get us in here. As we were leaving I blew him a kiss and he just had this funny confused look on his face as he waved. Poor Ralph.