Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Bunch of Bull

While on our way to Wallowa Lake we decided we needed to have lunch. We (or I should say Barb, who was recklessly kindly, gently chauffeuring us in her big gas guzzling comfy Explorer) zipped off the freeway at the Columbia Gorge Inn where we saw the most lovely of all beasts.

Here you see Jill and Charo posing normally (ha!) while Kelli is doing some sort of weird antics. I guess she thought this should be something other than a nice family pose. I would never even have thought of such a thing. Embarrassing!

Then Jill and Kelli MADE Barb and I pose with this thing lovingly. Really, it was against our will.

Well maybe it wasn't against Barb's will.


Jill said...

That picture of Aunt Barb gently cradling Buffy Buffalo's poor, abused, wind-blown muzzle cracks me up!

Kelli said...

That picture of Barbara cracks me up! She looks way too happy with that Buffalo!