Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Fun

We had a great Labor Day weekend. Kristi and Pat and family came to visit for a few days and here are some of the adventures.

The family poses....actually this was taken at the end but I must introduce them so pretend it was taken in the very beginning. Pat, Kristi, Jordan, Addie Mae and Lexie.

Jordan couldn't wait to get out there and hunt down the lizards. Here he caught his first one and had to give me a big grin.

Addie Mae needed to hold it too. But look at Lexie. She wasn't going to touch that thing at all. Just a look would do. In this process we heard all kinds of things about lizards like tails falling off and such.

Here is Pat crying because he wanted to catch a lizard too.

Addie had a tooth just barely hanging on by a thread and so Kristi pulled it before Addie knew what happened. You should have seen her! She was so excited to lose her first tooth. She was jumping and smiling as big as she could and just knew everyone would see that empty space. What a hoot!

Here Pat cries yet again because he wanted to lose a tooth also. Actually he was very sad that his little girl lost her first tooth...end of babyhood to a daddy.

Kristi showing Addie her missing tooth in the mirror.

Later on Saturday we had Byron's 2nd birthday party. It was great to have his cousins there. Look at that sugary face.

Here is Lucy hugging her balloon. What a cutie!

Oh then there is Emma ribbon head. Goof!

Jill and Kelli having camera battle.

So here we have Pat and Wade working so hard to build our deck. Hmmmmmm! Wonder where Dave is.

Oh here he is. Sitting supervising. If you look close enough you might even find a whip and a megaphone.

Ooops! What is that by his chair. Could it be that he is now taking his shoes off and putting is feet up. Next thing you know he will ask for a tall glass of iced tea.

O.K. That's it. Now it is thumbs up to Jill who is sneaking in taking pictures. Well in all honesty and fairness to Dave, he twisted his ankle badly and it was bruised and swollen up like a watermelon. He hobbled around here like a peg leg. In fact his thumping was so loud in the hallway (carpeted I might add) that he woke Lucy from her nap.

Sunday Barb, Rick, Kamisha, Jeremy and little Kallista came for dinner and a visit. Here is Jeremy and Kamisha. Aren't they the cutest couple? Jeremy begs me to take his picture. He wants to be a super model (note the gritted teeth).

Little Kallista belongs to the cute couple above. Isn't she adorable? She was demonstrating how she lost a tooth just like Addie Mae.

Jordan is a fish. He is showing off his six pack and guns here before a dive in the pool. Hunk-a-Brad Pitt is what I think.

Little Lexie peeking out among the blueberry bushes where the kids picked and ate. They also picked a huge bowl of blackberries so we could have blackberry milkshakes, muffins and pancakes.

Dave and Rick are discussing world matters. Looks as though Dave is holding himself up with a fence post. Poor guy. I think he should sprain both ankles the next time we have visitors and can make sure we are right in the middle of a project again.

Thanks Pat and Wade for all of your help. The deck is beginning to look great. Just a bit more to go!