Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sisters Vacation

Every year we sisters, sister-in-laws and daughters 18 and over try to get together somewhere for a few days away. It is a time to re-connect and enjoy each other, rest, play or whatever each feels like doing. This year we chose Wallowa Lake in Northeastern Oregon. Oh yes there were adventures........we just need some time to write. In the mean time, here are some pictures of where we stayed.

This is what we saw off of the deck of the cabin we stayed in.

Here is the cabin. This was such a fun place to stay....I would love to go back and stay again.

Here is the kitchen where much ice cream was stored, but not for long. We need our Häagen-Dazs every time we go. In fact we have been known to climb up inside the freezer in a grocery store to get our favorite flavors. Umm that wasn't me. No.

Cozy living room where Jill built fires every night.

Crazy Fuzi Women