Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Coon Hunt"

OK busted! I wasn't going to share the racoon incident but now my little sweet seester has brought it up so yes I did do battle in August. The two schnowzers (our current in-house guard dogs) were sounding the alarm to go out at 4:30am. Being a 50-something woman who frequently answers the call of nature in the middle of the night I didn't think anything of the fact that they too would need to go out at this ungodly hour. So I opened the door and they shot out immediately to the corner of the yard where our firewood is kept. Yelping and high-pitched screeching (If you have schnowzers you know this sound - a little like someone sticking a needle in your eardrum.) alterted me to a problem. I flipped on the outside light, flung open the door and ran over to the corner in my raggedy baby-doll pjs to find Cricket (again the smallest and least likely to have a brain of the two) fighting through the wire fence with a large racoon. I ran back inside and grabbed the first thing I found to throw, a kleenex box. (Hey I was in panic mode and these were extra strength keenex.) Finding that was not really distracting either the dog or the racoon (evidntly neither one had a cold) I grabbed a rake and started yelling and lashing out (with the rake). Missy (the other schnowzer) had long high-tailed it back into the house so I grabbed Cricket and took her inside, blood streaming down both of us. I can only hope the racket didn't wake up any neighbors because this is definitely not my best look. By the time I had cleaned her up and determined that there were no gaping wounds etc I decided I might as well shower and get ready for work.

Just another day in the life. Yes Cricket was fine just a little worse for the battle, a few puncture wounds, scratches and a lower tooth hanging out. Yes I'm fine and I now have new jammies!
I swear this is a little farm in the middle of suburbia.
Love ya,

(Green Acres here I come!)


carrie & troy keiser said...

One should NOT read this blog in the late evening hours when people are sleeping --- the house will wake with the laughing it causes! :-) :D

Jill said...

Poor little Cricket. I hope you have all of your teeth still, though, Aunt Barb...? That sounded like quite the battle, Extra-Strength Kleenex box or not...