Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dancing On My Mind

When we were growing up our mom decided that the Fuzi troll children should somehow become refined and learn ballet, tap and tumbling. There was a very nice French lady and her husband that had moved to our humble town that taught these things. I think when she saw mom bring all of us in she thought that if she could tame us and force us to dance, perform floor gymnastics similar to somersault, back handsprings, and round offs that she would have proven her abilities to teach anyone. Building her business would be so easy once the entire small community could see the transformation.

Well all I remember doing at 10 years old was faking it. I tried to focus but I was really just thinking about breaking all the windows out of an old car in an abandoned dump in our forest (another story, another time). So I moved my feet in any old direction, rolled around with my brothers on the floor pretending to somersault and just generally fooled around. The only thing I really remember loving was the fact that I could stomp around in those cool tap shoes and make a lot of noise. Our mom, however, could really tap dance....usually on our heads.

I think Barb and Loretta were more polite and refined but I'm not sure of that. Look at Barb's eyes! She has that fake pasted on smile and her buggy eyes show she was about to scream in agony. Loretta had a great ha, ha going on and I am just in space. Our brothers were promised many sweet treats if they sat still for this photo.

Kristi was not even thought of yet...she came along a couple of years later. We call her the Canadian Vacation baby. Lucky little girl. She didn't have to try and prove herself in these classes. She only got to sit on our dad's lap in her cute little cowgirl boots. Mom soon gave up on us as did the dance teacher. That teacher had to leave town soon after our one and only recital dance. I believe her business failed and I don't know really why.

As you can see we never did grow up to become normal, law-abiding citizens and I am afraid that we have influenced our sisters-in-laws.


carrie & troy keiser said...

Great pictures and great story!:-)

Jill said...

Poor little trolls. I agree with Aunt Barbie's "get me out of this trollish family" pleading-eyes-fake-smile, and I'm sure Loretta was having a case of the giggles when asked if she was related to the other 5 trolls pictured. Mom was imagining rolling boulders down a mountain and roaring like a bear at poor, defenseless boyscouts, and the boys were all imagining eating. Food. Lots of it.

Loretta said...

I agree with Jill. That is exactly what we were all thinking. I am quite sure that I was just laughing hysterically at the thought of running yet another poor defensless family (I am talking about our teachers, the Triplets) out of town. Probably thought to myself, "just wait until we get done with them, then they will think twice before trying to teach poor, little raggamuffin children how to contort their bodies and make all this to do about nothing." Anyway, I just noticed a definite resemblence between myself and one of my neices - can you guess which one. Uncanny - this is the first time I have noticed it quite this much.

Love ya all!