Monday, October 22, 2007

I Hate Mices to Pieces

Well hellooooooo my beautiful sisters. Sorry I've been absent for awhile. It seems like things are wild and crazy around my neck of the woods, more so than usual. Eric and I went to the coast for a few days in October to celebrate our anniversary, #36, a month late but at least we made it. But not before a dizzying few days of rodent patrol. You see, evidently, I was an exterminator in a former life and am now being hunted down by, (plagues from the Bible proportion), creatures great and small. Vonda already knows of the ant problem we've had for months. Not just a few of the little creatures but a steady marching band that would come through our attic and, commit suicide by drowning, dropping from the ceiling fan above the master bath comode. Let's just say no one was sitting down on that porcelain throne without an umbrella. So after various ant traps etc I finally found a solution (I hope) by pouring Borax detergent all along the outside edge of the foundation of the house. Seems to have worked - no ants inside for a couple of months.

Not a week had passed before I came home one evening and Jason proceeds to tell me that we are overrun from mice! How can that happen in so short of time. Thinking that maybe he is exaggerating just a bit, (he works nights and doesn't get much sleep so illusions could be a possibility) I ask why he things we're overrun. He claimed to have seen a couple of the little critters run across the floor in the kitchen. OK so a couple -we can handle that. So Eric and I go to Bend for the weekend for a surprise anniversary party for his baby brother. We came home and Jason was "loaded for bear" as they say. He had gone down to the store and bought mouse traps and was loading them with peanut butter. We begin to investigate and find out that the two little mice had sent out invitations and were having parties at night and during the day. (Evidently mice are too small of game for our schnauzers. According to Jason they just lay on the couch and watch the critters run.) Mouse poop everywhere, seemingly overnight, in closets and ohhhh the stench. THIS MEANS WAR!!!!! Eric went to the store and purchased sticky traps and mouse poison. (You would think he would have learned from the dead rat incident that poison is probably not the best idea. And sticky traps, what to you do with the creatures once they are stuck on the trap. My beloved says to thump them on the head, like that's going to happen.) Then off he goes to Portland to work for the week and guess who gets to scrub the house from top to bottom, sanitizing everything as I went.

So the only thing that the sticky traps have caught have been people stepping on them and tracking through the house. Gotta love that! (Thanks dear.)The poison left one body for me to find in the hall closet, yes another night of scrubbing, cleaning, sanitizing, cursing, ugggggg. (Thanks dear.)

But it seems to have worked - not more mice. For now anyway. So off we go for our weekend at the coast and while there we got a call from Jason. The raccoons were back during the night and our fearless, brainless, little Cricket was on guard again. (Missy wisely made a run for the house and was guarding the back door.) Jason went out, shovel in hand, and chased three of them off. Cricket bloodied and a little worse for wear ran in the house and jumped up on our bed.
Another trip to the vet more antibiotics and she's good to go.

So now we're waiting for snakes, frogs and locusts. That should about cover it. Thanks for taking one for the family with the ladybugs Vonda, you're the best!

And by the way, those "Suspensers" are gonna make us rich and famous!

Ta ta for now, love to all. Barb
Remember: We are all angels. It's what we do with our wings that separates us.


The Dairy Wife said...


First of all, I just have to ask: are you as nuts as your sister Vonda? If so, I'm gonna love you too!

Secondly, if you're "that good" will you please come to Indiana and get all the mice out of my house? I'm begging!


carrie & troy keiser said...

I think you must be as crazy/funny as Vonda! laughed my head off thanks for the sore cheeks!

Vonda said...

Ha ha! I still can picture you all sitting there reading and finally being alone while being a little indisposed and ants dropping down from the ceiling fan onto you. The umbrella in the bathroom idea is soooo good.

Barb, you forgot to mention that Jason wasn't the only one to fight off racoons from the dogs. Remember? A previous attack on your retarded dog caused you to run outside in the middle of the night in your nightgown and throw a.......yes, kleenex box at the racoon. Vicious you are!