Tuesday, October 2, 2007

One Hung Low

Now get your minds out of the gutter. I'm talking about my ears. You see, I seem to have this weird problem. Every pair of glasses I own seem to sit on my head crooked. I used to think my eyebrows (or what little of them I have left....another story another time) were crooked. But when we were all together on our sisters vacation Kristi couldn't stop laughing when I put my sunglasses on. She said it was my ears. One has apparently grown lower on my head than the other....I guess it is my right ear.

See this!!!
Here is what I should do just to even it out. It makes me feel like I belong in the circus.

Wait. Maybe it is my smile. Maybe it's crooked. Hmmmmm!

Well yes I think that's the problem. Golly mom and dad. What's with you guys that you produced a crooked daughter? No not crooked as in a crook, but lopsided. Oh I won't go there.
I think I will stick with contact lenses.


Jill said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mom, you are so crazy! You crack me up! I suffer from the same debilitating disease, though...I can't wear sunglasses. I always thought my nose must be crooked, but this explains it better. I swear, I always have one half of my sunglasses up on my forehead and the other side over one eye. I've given up on sunglasses :( Well, in public anyway. :D

Kristi said...

You know Vonda - I got to thinking - you've heard of there is a crooked lid for every crooked pot - Wellllllllllll - are you the pot or the lid? (wink, wink)