Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sister Trip Saga Continues - Suckin Air Up On Top

So back to the sister weekend saga. Against my better judgement we road the gondola up to the top of a very steep, hiney cringing instigator, of a mountain at Wallowa Lake. Yes, I don't like heights and yes, I was dumb enough to pay $20 to do something I don't like! Actually, I thought it would be OK until I heard the antiquated motor of the gondola and remembered that one of the cars had crashed off the mountain a few years ago! I conveniently remembered this after we were already trapped inside the dang thing!

So here I am riding with my two cool cucumber nieces Jill and Kelli. Somehow, I got on the side facing out to the steep drop off and they "conveniently" were facing the mountain. How convenient - sneaky little devils. So while I'm groping at the bar in front of me and sniveling like a true baby - I tell you, my hiney really did cringe - they are acting like it's no big deal! I saw the fear in their eyes though - no fooling me girls! Here is a picture to give you an idea of how high we were - I didn't think to take a picture of the "beautiful, hiney cringe instigating view" from inside the gondola on the way up.

And here is a picture of what I saw when I had my heart-a- ma-tack (like the hill billy spelling there don't ya'll??
Just josh'n ya! This is a cool sky view from the Wallow Lake area.

However, the view from the top of mountain wasn't as spectacular the day we were there - thanks to a forest fire somewhere. Yes, this is the view I paid $20 for and risked my life over!
The air is quite thin up there. At one point when we were hiking to see the above view, I thought I heard the panting of a grizzly bear in heat behind me - nope, it was just my pre-menopausal, sister Vonda trying to catch her breath. No really, I'm not kiddin, not much air up thair (hill billy spelling again for ya'll) Look, I'll prove it. Here is a picture of Kelli suckin air:

There was actually a really good shot of us all right after this one was taken but I accidentally deleted it in my oxygen deficient stupor. Sorry! Vonda - I think you've got a shot of us all if you'd like to post. I'll just leave you with the shot of Kelli sucking air!


Vonda said...

Hey! I was just trying to clear my lungs, eh um so that I could see clearly. Oh my lungs don't have anything to do with my vision do they? I heard about you wanting the devil to just take you now instead of making you rise above to the heavens on that gondola. Scaredy Cat!

Jill said...

ha ha my sexy sister Kells. She looks like she suffers from an acute case of Extra Chromosome-itis. Poor kid.

Kelli said...

Oh fun times! I don't think I would have been worried at all if you hadn't told us one of the cars fell off once before. That gets me a little nervous for sure!