Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vonda - Maybe You Should Have Used One of These Instead of Trying to Exterminate Yourself!

Sis - I think these "birds" would have done the job of de-lady bugging your house quite nicely without the side effects of numb face, stingy eyelids and the pesticide perfume that you chose!!!! And I thought I might be having a bad day when I realized at the end of aerobic class (5 a.m. areobic class mind you - it's my excuse anyway) that I had been wearing my shirt inside-out the whole time. AND - no one even said anything!!!!!

You crack me up - we must be related! I've done that same spray myself in the face thing you did - only with hair spray. Talk about gluing my eyelids shut!!!!

These "birds" are actually Aztec Eagles that the kids made in homeschool yesterday. We are studying explorers - Cortez who conquered the Aztecs - hence the lovely headresses you see here!

The only other advice I have for you is this: maybe you should just "ride off to your happy place" like Pat does:

Poor Pat - his family didn't grow up teasing each other. So, when I start in on him, he gets a glazed look on his face and says: "You can't bug me, I'm in my happy place." Shhhhhhhhh - don't tell Pat about what kind of pictures I've been posting of him - I might be in big trouble!!!!

Here's to a pesticide free day!


Vonda said...

I really think those eagles would have done the trick. Those hats are hilarious! What did you make them with? I love the pictures of the kiddos....they look like they are having so much fun. You are a great mom and teacher. I can't believe how smart they are.

But, ummm what happened to Pat? I love the horse and the face. Too funny. We love you guys!

Vonda said...

PS....your shirt wrong side out! Ha ha ha. That is so totally something that I would do. You give me a good laugh this morning.

Jill said...

Those hats are too stinkin' cute! And at least it was only your shorts, the other morning I had a pair of my "comfy pants" on inside out for half the day until one of my daycare kids' moms said " that your tag sticking out? Maybe I'm just seeing things..." Her way of saying, "For crying out loud, you hillbilly, go put your pants on right before I find someone sane to watch my child." Uncle Pat is such a goob. He never fails to make me laugh.

Kelli said...

Ha ha I love the picture of Pat! And the kids look adorable :) What a fun bunch of people you guys are :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

Thank you for the laughs! Love the birds... and the 'happy place'! :-)
I love your signatures... how'd ya do that?

Vonda said...


You just go to this web site which is free and walks you through choosing a signatue and then gives you a code to paste in your blog. Try it out....kind of fun!

carrie & troy keiser said...