Thursday, October 4, 2007

You Might Be Having a Bad Week When........

So, have you ever had one of those weeks where things just seem to "hit the fan"? I had one of those weeks last week. It started out like any other typical, crazy, psycho, pull-your-hair-out, homeschooling week. We weren't getting everything "I had planned" done which got my undies in a bundle to start with. The kids seemed to have forgotten everything they were ever taught on Monday morning, we were behind and I had to go to work. At work I get a call from Jordan asking if he can play solitaire on the computer. Well, when I get home, the kids had played more than solitaire on the computer. One of the games they had loaded had decided to do a tap dance all over my hard drive and royally screwed up my computer! Being the nice calm, quite, composed thing that I am, I only had a severe tantrum for a minute or two. You have to understand, the computer is a big deal to a homeschooling, partly working at home, socially-deprived woman! Programs wouldn't open, nothing would print, and of course I couldn't read this blog. Devastating - I know! So this began my week.

That afternoon, I taught the kids' bible quizzing team at our house as usual. Yes, its busy at our house but a good time. That evening I get a call that one of the kids on the team has head lice and has probably had it a few weeks. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My skin immediately began to crawl and my scalp began itching. I went to the pharmacy to buy the lice shampoo just in case we became infested. The pharmacist recommended we not use the chemical shampoo unless we for sure had lice as it was a pesticide and the prescription strength of the shampoo was known to give kids seizures. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - now what to do - I mean, I had visions of lice tap dancing on the floors (and my head) as we spoke. Well, I trudged back home to research natural remedies for the buggers on my "speedy" computer that was kicking and sputtering still from the computer games. I actually came up with a natural remedy. Even though we didn't have the lousy lice, I decided to treat our home as if we did. I just couldn't relax until I made sure! So, yes, every washable thing was washed and high heat dried. All the furniture and the entire house were vacuumed numerous times (still gives me the heeby geevies thinking about it). Then ..... the natural remedy. First soak your head in a cup of vinegar and some essential oils for 30 minutes (with a bag on your head)- then shampoo your hair with some more essential oils and leave it on for another 45 minutes (with a bag on your head again). As you can imagine, a bit of a process with three kiddos. Here are some shots of the action: First Bag lady Lexie - note the glasses on the outside of the bag over her ear!

Then Missing My First Tooth Bag Lady Addie:

I think the "natural remedy" got to Jordan - just take a look:

Well, it was 11:00 p. m. when I got around to my hair - look how calm and collected I look:

And then Pat came home from work at 11:30 p.m. for a big surprise:

Doesn't he looked surprised? Hee, hee, hee!

I'm happy to report that we didn't have lice - although I now understand where the term "nit picking" came from - gross!!!

So this Monday a.m. I got up and thought: a new week, a new day, its going to be a good week - really. Then I started to make coffee: I was grinding the beans on the counter - gosh it sure was noisy. I didn't want to wake anyone up as it was "my quiet time". So I decided to pick up the grinder off the counter so it wouldn't be so noisy - by the lid that is. Have you ever seen a grinder full of half-ground beans in motion be opened. I have - all over my kitchen. HMMMMMMMMM, wonder what kind of a week its going to be?

P.S. The rest of my week has gone pretty smoothly - for my house that is. Oh ya - the coffee grinder thing happened again this a.m. My last brain cell is having issues the week.


Vonda said...

Those pictures are a hoot. I especially love typical of a mom and Pat...har har har. I'm surprised he would do it. I know Davey would have said I'll take the head lice and live outside with the chickens. Tell Pat he is very brave!

Myanderings said...

Bounced over here from Pioneer Woman. So glad that your week got better. Beautiful kids.

Myanderings said...

Bounced over here from Pioneer Woman. So glad that your week got better. Beautiful kids.

Jill said...

Heh heh, I love the pics of you and Pat, especially. But the part that made me laugh the most was that you put a bag on Pat's ENTIRE head! I can see duct-taping a bag around the back and sides, but couldn't you just pick through the 4 or 5 hairs left on top for any existing lice bugs? ha ha ha that was good stuff! Poor aunt Krissie. But just so you know, i did the same thing with my dad's old coffee grinder, and that was the last time I used it! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

I popped over from the dairy wife and thanks for that laugh!
I know also that you can just use mayo and the bag then shampoo (not from personal experience, but my sister's kids kept bringing it home one year and she became quite the expert ... if you ever get the scare again)

Kelli said...

Ha ha ha your poor children have no chance with the two of you as parents!

Tanya Siekman said...

Love those pictures. Reading your blog makes me think I should post more pictures of myself.

I still think you're nuts though! You are so funny ..

Okay, gotta go to bed!

The Dairy Wife

carrie & troy keiser said...

You guys are more cool than me.... the dairy wife just lurks on my blog! go see, she admits to it in the comments of her delurking post!
you guys are funny!