Monday, November 26, 2007

A Belated Thanksgiving Greeting

We had a very good Thanksgiving weekend. The Evans family (25 all together) gathered at our home for food and family. Cooking for a large group is usually not a problem for me. I guess you could say that growing up in a large family I really didn't know the difference. I remember peeling potatoes for an hour when we were fixing dinner as a kid and doing dishes by hand.....don't get me started there. We stood for hours washing, drying and of course fighting over who's turn it was to wash or dry. During a teenage period of wise mouthing our mom, I witnessed mom throwing a jar of something at Barb and I think it landed in the dish water. Barb just kept washing the dishes like nothing had happened. I still have that picture in my head and laugh each time I think of it. Of course it is funny to me since it wasn't me that it happened to.

Things were going well. I even thought we would be on time which is not really an Evans thing to do. As I am working away I look over at the oven and notice that the juices of the turkey don't seem to be bubbling and ask Dave to check the thermometer. Still at the same temperature as a couple of hours ago. Hmmmm! We check the oven and determine that it isn't working for some reason. But we have double ovens so we pulled it out and put it in the top oven. As embarrassed as I am to say this, after we tested the ovens later, I realized that I had reset the oven to a hotter temperature during cooking and accidentally reset the wrong oven. So instead of 4:00 dinner we ate at around 7:30.

Don't look at me like that!

Dave's parents, Max and Delpha or Grandad Max and GG (for Great Grandma). Sweetest couple and have put up with a lot of antics over the years.

Look here. Wonder what all the Evans guys are doing here. Nothing like being obvious about dessert time.

Little pregnant Jill eating and reading. Nothing like a good long weekend with good food and time to read and relax.

I love this picture of the cousins.
By black Friday here is what I looked like. No shopping for me. I stayed home and cried over my aching feet.

Saturday and Sunday we spent the days and evenings with Lacy and Greg, friends from our home town. They were in town for some work Greg was going to do in Corvallis and so we were able to catch up and tour King Estate Winery and have a late lunch at the new restaurant they opened. We had a busy but wonderful long weekend.

Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving.


Jill said...

Fun Thanksgiving! The cousins picture is funny--Molly, Eric and Kells definitely look related! You could almost think Kelli is their sister! I never really noticed that until this photo! :)