Monday, November 5, 2007

I Think I Might Be St. Francis

How else do you explain all of the creatures that seem to follow me in my house? Oh what a weekend! You know it is going to be eventful when you begin by trying to catch a two-year-old before she empties her pull-ups. Lucy is at the stage where she is telling us she needs to go but sometimes doesn't quite make it in time and ALWAYS says "I do it self". Not only for potty events but most every other thing from making her own oatmeal to getting her own ice and water when I am not looking to putting her clothes and shoes on upside down, inside out and backwards. She and Byron both know how to turn on the microwave and I have to be on the lookout all the time. Byron is so tall that he can reach things on the counters that Lucy can't. So all knives, cooking utensils and such have to be guarded. But this is one of the best times I think...just to watch them learn and grow.

So after Jed picked up the girls on Sunday Dave went to help his parents for a little while. I wasn't feeling too well, you know achy and such, so I stayed home. I couldn't stand to just sit there so I mowed the lawn and was just generally taking care of some things that my loving spouse had left out. Well unfortunately for me I left the sliding glass door open about a foot while I was cutting the tops off of our garlic and getting it ready for storage. I don't know how this happened but the next thing I know I turn to go in the house and there flapping against our family room windows inside, was a bird. I ran around closing doors hoping to keep it contained to just one room. Once that was done I opened both sliding glass doors wide and tried to get it to go out. All that managed to do was scare it into pooping all over the window and the floor and blanket on the back of the futon. So I ran outside and around the house to try and chase it away from the windows but it must have found its way out before I got there because it is nowhere to be seen. At least if it is still in here we can't find it. I began to feel pretty nauseous by this time but still had bird poop to clean up. Sorry no photo of that.....

So Dave comes home and I by that time was feeling pretty bad and went to bed. The next thing I hear is him getting sick in the middle of the night. Now wives, I don't know about you but my booby boy man turns into a heap of crying mess when he is sick. So I spent most of the morning cleaning up after him. When he began to feel a little better this afternoon I decided I would wash the bedding including his pillow. Nothing like vomit smell in the room.

I didn't mention that his pillow is down filled, did I? Well yes it is WAS, yes sir.

His pillow is no longer down filled. In fact it exploded so the only thing down filled is my washer.
And my deck. And now the dryer because of course the flannel sheets were in the same load.

Just a few feathers remain in my hair. You should have seen me before I thought to take a picture. I had feathers everywhere....up my nose, in my mouth, on my clothes. Well just lets say I looked like big bird in drag.

The rest of my day has been spent vacuuming the washer, dryer vent every twenty minutes and the house trying to catch the tiny little beasts. I swear that there must have been thirty geese used to fill that pillow.

Oh yes. Dave asked me why I was vacuuming the deck and the ground. He thought I was just bored but my only reply was "I don't care if you are sick, you are using a rock for a pillow tonight, buddy".


Kelli said...

Ha ha ha oh what excitement! I love how all the weird creatures flock to you. And the pillow exploding is awesome! Too bad it didn't happen before halloween so you could be a bird without even trying :)

Jill said...

har har! Poor Mom. It always happens to you, doesn't it? But at least it's always humorous...afterward, right??? :) he he! I love the self-portraits!

The Dairy Wife said...

oh that is funny .... (sorry), and if you have any of those really soft little pillows with beads in them ... DON'T WASH IT! They swell up big and bust too! I found out the hard way .. was a nightmare!


Loretta said...

Oh I just love this one! I can even picture it - maybe because this is definitely something only a Fuzi troll could identify with. I love you!!!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Due to the fact that my computer took a vacation, I will be leaving comments on old Nov posts ... that said, you have done it again, Vonda and gave me cause to smile and laugh! So glad that I found you and your sisters' blog! :)