Thursday, November 1, 2007

Treat or Trick - and Halloween Memories




What more can I say?

Actually, Pat is quite the handsome guy - even without hair:

And, what a sport he is, to put up with my humor and constant teasing! I do love that man!

All this dressing up got me to thinking about some Halloween memories growing up. So I dug out a few pictures. These pictures were taken at a dear neighbors -the Petrikats. These wonderful, elderly people were very "high class" and excentric. For cry'in out loud - they even had a pool table and a cow rug!!!! Joyce wore a fancy gold evening robe with gold or silver elf slippers. Ted said "hup, hup, hup" whenever he stood up. We Fuzi trolls were very impressed and in awe of them. They must have felt sorry for us because they welcomed us with open arms. Many a Friday evening and every Christmas Eve our family spent at the Petrikats. The memories are many of this wonderful couple and we'll all have to share more about them. Here are some pictures of a Halloween we spent at their house:

Our brother David and his first (and only, I hope) try at drag:

Here is Vonda adjusting my ghost costume. Note: Vonda thought she was huge in high school - yeah right - what a bean pole!

Here is my brother Jay and me in our classy football and gypsy costumes another year:

Another picture of Jay as a fat hobo (I think):

O.k. sisters - share some of your fond memories of the Petrikats - I've got more, I'm sure you all do too!


carrie & troy keiser said...

These are all great Halloween pictures!

Vonda said...

Yes I do have some really great memories of the Petrikats. What a hoot to see those pictures again. I will have to do some digging. I too have a few of those little ones, you know the big picture always came with a small one and Joyce would always give us the small ones. What a great lady!

I love the costumes of the kids. Did you make them? They looked so cute!

Kristi said...

No, I didn't make Pat's costume!!! (ha, ha) Yes, under duress, I said yes to the batting eyelashes of two little girls. So the tinkerbell costumes were made in the dark of night, until the wee morning hours. All the time I was thinking, WHAT AM I CRAZY??? I HAVEN'T SEWN CLOTHES SINCE HIGH SCHOOL! AND WHY AM I SEWING A LINING FOR A COSTUME???? AHHHHHHH! But they turned out cute and they loved them - and I'm done so I know feel better! Let's just say it's like fine art, the further you stand back, the better they look! I made Jordan's costume a few years ago and he wanted to wear it again so I lucked out!

Vonda said...

Har! Har! I wasn't talking about Pat. But now that you mention it, he doesn't quite look like I remembered him.

Yep I spent many, many nights sewing costumes until wee hours of the morning for the kids. But they all remember them fondly and now I wouldn't trade the lack of sleep. But I am beginning again with the grandkids.


Jill said...

Oh my gosh, Pat looks awesome! But, sadly, he kind of looks like Lester the Molester with that goofy wig on, too! ha ha ha that made me squirt! And the kids look as adorable as ever!

Loretta said...

Oh my - Kristi at first when I saw Pat's picture (and before I read the caption below) I was going to very gently suggest that possibly we could give you some sprucing up next time I'm in Baker, like maybe a haircut (with color highlights) and a facial, waxing included for those areas needing facial hair removal. Then I realized that it wasn't you at all and it was Pat - Wow, I would even be willing to offer him the same makeover. Looks like the poor guy needs some tender loving cosmetology guidance, ha, ha!

Love you guys