Thursday, November 8, 2007

What Bird?

I think maybe our animals have some serious issues. That and the fact that I need to get out more. You all remember our fearless dog Cricket the Racoon Fighter? Last night (it always seems to happen at night) I let them out before tucking all of us into bed. Ten minutes later they're at the door ready to be let in, Missey bounds in and heads for bed Cricket enters with a little more trepidation and starts to do the "I'm going to hurl a luggie" throat deal so I pick her to throw her back outside and notice what I thought were some twigs in her mouth. I shouted her name and out pops a dead bird on the floor. EWWWW! Those twigs were little bird feet. Evidently she had visions of a midnight snack. So remove bird and dispose of, no I refuse to brush her teeth, bird breath or no, and the night proceeds as usual. I's starting to wonder if our home was built over some kind of chemical land fill that is affecting all the creatures. Thank goodness the humans are still normal? Have a great day all, and Vonda stay away from all fowl.


Loretta said...

I feel her pain, Barb. I often imagine that I need a "little" bedtime snack. Notice I accentuate the word little. What is little in my mind may not necessarily be little in others minds. I, on the other hand, definitely brush my teeth afterward. Wouldn't want any of those nice people I am giving an eyebrow arch or cutting their hair to see little twigs sticking out of my mouth or any of the feathers stuck between my teeth when I smile biiiigggg!!!

ha!ha! Love you. Me

carrie & troy keiser said...